So I have a 'thang' for pork rashers ... not sure why but I do! I saw a fabulous recipe on a Banting slaw and thought that I would add my slant to it ... PORK and Apple anyone?


Preparation  & Cooking time :  minutes
Serves :2

Difficulty : 2/10

You will need:
 For the Rashers  :
4 x Pork Rashers - WITH THE FAT
1 Tsp Olive Oil

For the Slaw :
100 ml double cream yoghurt
2 Apples
1/2 a head of baby cabbage - red
1/2 a head of baby cabbage - green
For the Rashers :
Place on a bking tray , season and sprinkle with oilive oil
Grill until crackling goes crispy
** make the slaw whilst this is grilling

For the Slaw :
- Grate on a fine grater first the green cabbage and then the red cabbage , place in a bowl
- Grate your apples and add into the bowl
- Place your double cream yoghurt on top as well as a little salt and black pepper to taste , mix it all together.

To serve place the slaw on the bottom of the plate and lay your crispy pork rashers over it ... et voila!

** cooks note
This slaw is so pretty with the two tone cabbage and super creamy with a hint of sweetness.