I featured WEMA BODYCARE a few weeks ago, I got to try out in the Rose Geranium Range (read about it) , today I just wanted to share with you some fabulous new candles that WEMA have recently released.

As a therapist I can only express the love I have for soft candle light , I adore the flicker and glow that eminates from the heart of a candle. What truly makes these candles unique and special is, that they are hand poured and made with love by WEMA for you.

Because they are based on natural seed and nut oils there are 'no nasties', as with many other soy candles they are 'clean burning' which means you inhale far less carbon than you would with a paraffin based candle.
I remember hen they first introduced 'Hot Wax' or 'Candle Massage' to South Africa it was all the trend to have these little beauties and then it dwindled somewhat ... this surprises me as surely you would pay a little more so that the candle you are burning is 'safe and healthy' as opposed to a carbon generating pond of fragrance? #nuffsaid

These little treasures can be used for massage, to soothe and hydrate the skin , leaving it soft and smoothe.

WEMA had the following to say ...
' It is specifically formulated to burn at a very low temperature, just a few degrees above the body temperature. Once the wax has melted, it will form a pool of oil that you can gently pour it on your skin for a great massage experience.'

Ingredients include ...
Soy wax, shea butter and other vegetable oils delicately scented with pure essential oils.
Retails at ZAR 70.00 ( in a shot glass or tin)

For more on massage candles read here.

For More Info:
Website: www.wemabodycare.com   
Email : info@wemabodycare.com 
Tel: +27(72)923-0862

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