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So previously you couldn't afford to splurge on the fabulous 'HELLO' magazine ..... well here is super news... as HELLO MAGAZINE proves that local sure is lekker!

'From Sunday 10th August 2014, HELLO! magazine – the world’s largest Royalty, Celebrity & Society Weekly – will be available in the same week it goes on sale in the UK.  This will be achieved as a result of taking the decision to invest in the South African economy and print the magazine on the presses at the Paarl Media plant in Linbro Park, Johannesburg.
Currently, HELLO! magazine is imported to South Africa from the UK, and sells for up to R79.95 –  the air freight copies being one-week behind the news in the UK, and the sea-freight copies lagging behind the news often by up to 6 weeks.  Now, however, HELLO! will be right up-to-date and the magazine has further taken the decision to change its cover price to the new price of R50.  The new magazine will also be a different size – smaller than the current UK edition, and more akin to the size of the other, local, weekly women’s magazines.
HELLO! will be printed by Paarl Media Ltd and distributed by RNA.  It will be available from prestigious retailers like Woolworths, CNA and Pick n Pay and, from August, available in twice as many retailers as previously listed.'

Can I hear a yes please!
I am looking forward to picking up my copy at the fabulous new price and checking out some international celeb news.

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