We all struggle and suffer with dry itchy skin, coughs , colds and flu in winter. Every winter I vow that I will not succumb to illness and every year it becomes a hostile takeover of my bod, y, with the 'bugs' inevitably winning!
I am once again trying my best to fend off the dreaded bugs and thus far 'touch wood' have succeeded... yet the dry itchy skin has still made a nasty appearance. I seem to struggle the most with my lips and upper lip skin area (not so much the nose), you can imagine my elation when I was asked to try out Letibalm ...urhm 'yes please' *head nodding wildly*.
IVO Health sent me the following Letibalm products to try:

- Leti Repair Balm (tub)- 10ml
- Leti Repair Balm Paediatric (tub) - 10ml
- Leti Repair Balm Fluid (tube) - 10ml

Here is what I thought ...

Packaging - 
I must say I really prefer the tube personally , I am not a fan of putting my finger into balms ( sorry , the skin care therapist in me), that said however .. the Paediatric Balm has not left my desk and I use it continually through the day. The tubs are cute and the perfect size to pop into your handbag .... super convenient.

Fragrance - 
Letibalm - This definitely has a medicated smell with the addition of a vanilla flavour and honestly I don't quite know whether I like it or not? It's definitely not unpleasant.

Letibalm Paediatric - has a medicated Cherry type smell and this smell I really liked, and as mentioned above... this has not left my desk.

Letibalm Tubs are very much a waxy texture that softens considerably on the lips and skin , coating the dry areas. These balms have definitely alleviated my lips and upperlip skin from the dry flakey bits prior to Letibalm use.

Letibalm Tubes are more fluid and waxy and are great for those areas that can't take much rubbing ...tender areas. 

Efficacy - 
I have really enjoyed using these little gems and I find them to be a much better alternative to the likes of Zambuk and Vicks. Letibalm is skin friendly , versatile in the different options and applications and is super affrordable. Letibalm has got a thumbs up from me ...especially the fluid and paediatric versions.

Here is a little more info ...


  • Repairs chaps and cracks in nose and lips skin
  • Hydrates dry skin
  • Protects the nose from abrasions from handkerchiefs
  • Relieves irritated skin, specially around the nose
  • Protects from cold sores
  • Contains natural decongestants menthol and camphor to help ease breathing


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For more details on stockists in your area call 0860 456 123 or email info@ivohealth.co.za.

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