Every winter I think that my skin can't possibly get any drier than the year before...WRONG! This winter more than ever I have been on a search for richer and more nourishing products especially for my body and hands.

I was thrilled when I recieved some lovely Rose Geranium products to test and try out, I thought would share my findings.
These products are all hand made in small batches, by a unique little company known as WEMA BODY CARE. Honestly I had never heard of this brand before ... and being curious of nature, I soon went online and stalked them a little.

Here is what I really enjoyed learning about the brand WEMA ...

- Cosmetics that only contain natural , but also healthy ingredients for the body , no minerlas or parabens
- Cosmetics that use less ingredients, but rather focus on quality and ingredients which are target specific in nature
- An ecologically conscious rage that strives to be as green friendly as possible
- A cosmetic brands that exudes the natural relationship between skin and nature
- A conscious cosmetic, where ingredients are sourced from suppliers who benefit & uplift communities
in a nut shell ...
'We’re inviting you to celebrate your beautiful, natural self.
Just the way you are.'

Wema Bodycare

So here is what I thought ...

Packaging -
Being an African brand ' made in africa' , I enjoy the ethnic pattern and design on both the box and the Whipped Mousse labels. Cute but funky , fun take on the traditional and a fabulous break from all the earth 'tones  and shades'.

WEMA'S packaging is simple and practical.

Both of the products that I got to test are from the ROSE GERANIUM range also known as 'Pelargonium Graveolens'. I am very familiar with this oil from past product development. So it was a welcome ' old friend' and is also known as the 'Cape Geranium' it forms part of the Cape Fynbos Essential Oils.

Geranium is naturally a very balancing oil both on the physical body and the mind and therefore is particularly good for women ( our hormones and all that).

Texture - 
This is a 'Cold Processed' soap which is hand made and therefore takes a minimum of 6 weeks to cure in the factory before it is ready to use and/or sell (saponification). The soap itself is super smooth with an ever so pretty two tone pink and white swirl. 
I am not really a soap person and therefore it was great that this bar of soap was just the right size for my guest toilet hand basin.

Fragrance - 
It smells heavenly and the fragrance fills my entire guest bathroom , soft and feminine. ROSE GERANILUM is on the sweet side for those who do not like sweet smells.

Efficacy - 
It is a great alternative to 'cheapy' soaps and it leaves such a lovely frgarance in the bathroom. It contains Koalin Clay which is great for absobing impurities and Aloe Ferox which helps boost moisture levels in the skin.

Other fragrances in the range include: Cedarwood , Eucalyptus , Orange , Lavender and Lemongrass
Retails at ZAR 60.00

Texture - 
This product surprised me a little , it looks super buttery in the container but on the body it disappears rather quickly leaving a sheen on the body which I would imagine would be awesome on darker skin tones, making them glow ( they can tend to look grey when dry). 
This is not the most hydrating or nourishing product I have ever used, but I did find it great for when my skin is dry and I don't want a heavy greasy feeling.
I also used it quite often at work on my hands, as I could apply and carry on typing or designing.

Fragrance - 
Again this is the ROSE GERANILUM which is quite sweet and very feminine.

Efficacy - 
I would rank this as a good moisturiser for normal skins , but would not necessarily add it to my dry skin list. It does however contain Coconut Oil (I think this is what gives it a texture reminiscent of a dry oil) and Shea Butter.

Available in: Rose Geranium and Vanilla
Retails for ZAR 150.00

For more info on WEMA :
WEMA wesite : www.wemabodycare.com
Email: info@wemabodycare.com
Tel: +27(72)923-0862

So there you have it , my latest meander across the African plains ....ehrm, I mean my latest African finds ...

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