I recently attended a fabulous launch by a top international skin care brand , at the event they had the most fabulous spread for all the media ... they also had the most amazing collection of teas which I had never seen before?

Being a tea lover this perked up my interest and of course I could not resist having a look and sniff ( on the day I needed a coffee before I could tackle tea). Of course I was besides myself with glee when I spotted some of the coveted tea in my goodie bag.


Here it is the secret discovery of FIVE ROSES LONG LEF TEA INFUSIONS , they come packaged in quaint individual little boxes which are just to cute for words.

There are 6 unique infusions which all come in the most beautiful silk tea bags(transparent), as with all silk tea bags the tea's prettiness just shines through ...

Summer Dreams - Summer Dream rose , hibiscus , marigold , berries and currants ..so refreshing.
Spellbound - Spellbound Rose petals , pineapple pieces, passion fruit and green tea ... another favourite.
Deep Secret - Deep Secret Rose petals , and Ceylon Tea ... this blend was a little too strong for me.
Golden Gift - Golden Gift Rose petals , lavender and chamomile ... super soothing and relaxing (love it)
Butter Cream - Butter Cream Rose is a blend of Rooibos and Rich Vanilla ...(my favourite favourite)
Bonfire Night - Bonfire Night Rose ia a blend of Cinnamon , Green Apples and Green Tea ... also

Overall I enjoyed the majority of the blends with my absolute favourites being the Butter Cream  and the Golden Gift blends.

From what I can see this is mainly a tea that was developed for the hospitality industry , that being said there also appear to be a few retail outlets , for more info:

Tel: 011 287 6700
Email: talk2us@fiveroses.co.za

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