I'm not sure about you, but for me my bedroom is my sanctuary ... That place where I have sweet dreams and lay my head down to rest after a rather hectic day at work. Bearing this in mind I am sure you could also appreciate that it is also the place I love to express my whimsical side and choice of style ...Vintage Chic.

Currently my bedroom is neutral soft grey , crystal accents and a subtle hint of black. I just love having textures that overlap and/or compliment one another and patterns have become my new best friends. 

After receiving MRP Home's newsletter in my inbox  earlier today I felt super inspired .... by the shades and palettes of gold in their latest brochure. This in turn catapulted me to start to exploring avenues in which I may be able to introduce these lovely golden hues into my own bedroom ... BUT without having to change the basic linens and curtains.

Here are some of my ideas and they may not agree with the guidelines of Interior Decorating but they sure would be awesome for me ....


So what do you think of my selection above , my personal bedroom wishlist if you will?

All of the above are available from MRP home currently.
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