I love the groups of bloggers who have gotten together to inspire one another , the fact that I founded the #bwb has nothing ... And I mean nothing to do with the friendships , the comeraderie and fun that we all have together.

Blogging has become a common denominator for all of us but moreover we are friends and we motivate each other , support each other and celebrate each other everyday ... #bwb ladies you rock my world!

My recent planning led to an opportunity for the Cape Town #bwb group to partake in a Macaron making workshop at the majestic 15 on Orange Hotel , boasting and bursting at the seems with it's chic interiors.

I traveled in on this particular day with Fi of Pout Perfection and we arrived quite early, taking full advantage to indulge in a fabulous cup of coffee whilst we waited. The Cinnamon Coffe Shop is situated inside the hotel foyer giving us a birds eye view we chatted and soaked up the ambiance of our luxurious surroundings.
Upon entering the conference room in which we would be hosted, we were greeted with an array of yummy treats to snack on, the room was set up with individual work stations and a demo area up front , very professional and super impressive.
The workshop was being facilitated by Executive Chef Sanel and Pastry Chef Retha and what a dynamic and somewhat quirky team they proved to be. The workshop was filled with humorous moments and much laughter.

As mentioned each work station was equipped for two ladies , including a handy guide with recipes on Macaroon or Macaron (as we were corrected) making. The stations had ready made Macarons, as well as a tube of salted caramel filling and chocolate ganache filling, a silicone baking sheet, a round shape to trace onto the sheet so that our macarons would be the perfect round shape and a permanent marker.

I added a few little postcards and gift tags with the Macaron theme for the day.
No professional Pastry Chef will teach you to make Macarons without first teaching you how to make the perfect meringues and so the days lesson began in earnest. 
Asking for a volunteer was like pulling teeth for poor Chef Retha and so of course I jumped in , seperating the eggs and being super envious of the fabulous Kitchen Aid mixers, which were dutifully buzzing our eggs whites into a fluffy white froth.

We added the Cream of Tartare and the granulated sugar (caster sugar contains corn flour and is not recommended by Chefs). We whipped up a frothy cloud in the bowl and with a sprinkle of cocoa we soon had gorgeous meringues which were spooned onto the baking trays .... Just look at these beauties!
We then mixed in some food colour into the balance of the meringue mix. We then placed our meringue into our piping bags and it was time to practice our technique in piping these little round delicacies. 
I do have to mention that we all deviated and went rogue ... 
Piping anything from hashtags to rainbows out of meringue and yes we loved it!
Here is Jen of PinkerJen mixing Lang side #bwb newbie Alice of Lipgloss Is My Drug and lady Rushda of RuBe's Closet showing how to do it with class and style (despite fasting).
Here we have Jen once again doing her 'thang' with a bit of an evil smirk here .. bwahahaha . 
In the middle Sarah from The Mommy City applies herself to the task at hand , whilst Fi of Pout Perfection and Alice (who you can't see) get up to mischief at the back of the class.

So up until now it was the usual festivities , but then ....
THE CHAMPAGNE kicked in and all inhibitions were lost ...
We had such fun at this event and the ladies have been raving about it ...
I just want to thank both 15 on Orange (African Pride Hotels) and Irvine Bartlett PR for making this day possible and for all the spoils.

You can arrange a group of 12 or more people and book an event like this yourself  for approx
ZAR 259.00 per person.

For more enquiries please visit:
Address: Orange St, Cape Town 8000
Phone:021 469 8000
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