I love THE BODY SHOP and am trying my best to avoid their current sale, purely because I don't have a penny to spare at the moment and trust me I could do some serious damage .....

Lucky for me I was blessed by an awesome friend recently (thanks Gen) with a lovely gift set including a net sponge , a mini Shea Butter Shower Cream and a mini Shea Butter Body Whip. I am ashamed to say I have never tried anything from the Shea range *winces*.

Last night after yet another in a series of chaotic days I decided to have a lovely hot shower and invelope myself in a world dominated by THE BODY SHOP'S Shea Butter clouds and nothing else ....bliss , pure bliss.


So above are my little treats, and here is what I thought ...

Packaging -
As always THE BODY SHOP packaging is pretty , practical and user friendly. It comes with flip top caps for ease of use and transparent bottles which allow you to see where the level of your product lies.
What great is that they keep it green and recyclable as far as possible too, a definite plus in my books.

Texture - 
Is thick and creamy , it coats the skin rather than glides over the skin and it has a light lathering action as opposed to super soapy. This product leaves the skin feeling tacky and moisturised ( but not a sticky tacky? I hope that makes sense)

Fragrance - 
Is just soft and yummy. It lingers on the skin and invades the entire room when in the shower. I like to call it 'clouds of fragrance'.
I love it.

Efficacy - 
It cleanses the skin fairly well but this is not the product to use after a hot and sweaty session in the garden. It is however ideal for daily use in winter to hydrate the skin and not strip all the moisture, rather it adds extra nourishment and hydration.

Texture - 
Is a medium weight cream that just melts into the skin and leaves a soft hydrated feeling on ythe body. This is definitely a new firm favourite of mine.

Fragrance - 
Again the softest , creamiest smell which just lingers on the body. A little bit of heaven. it would actually make a lovely fragrance (EDT).

Efficacy - 
It's hydrating but not heavy like a body butter , it leaves the skin soft and supple. As I said before a new firm favourite for me.

What it Retails for I can't really tell you , but you will find more on the individual products here ...

** Disclosure Ranking 2 - (Please refer to my disclosure ranking in the side bar)