As you know by now there is nothng I love more than a cosmeceutical product to test and try on my skin ...why? Just call me a power ingredient junkie * tee hee*

A while back I was surprised with the most fabulous serum to try by Dermaquest SA , needless to say I seriously had to contain my excitement when I opened up my parcel and saw this little number...

 So here is what I thought ...

Packaging - 
This product is an active serum and therefore comes packaged in an airtight pump which measures out the amount of product per pump. It is a sleek round tube with the signature colours of  Dermaquest ... silver and white. The packaging is well suited to the market at which t is targeted, considering the product is mainly stocked in salons and medical aesthetic practices.

Fragrance - 
There is none to speak of really , just a mild soft fragrance.

Texture - 
Is smooth, silky and a gel like serum. It is opaque in colour and literally melts into the skin super quickly. It leaves the skin feeling hydrated and super soft.

Efficacy - 
This products main function is to minimize the signs of visible ageing and to prevent future ageing through restricting repetitive muscle movement which causes wrinkles. My skin has loved this product , it has literally slurped up every drop at night when I apply it. My skin is definitely much smoother and I can see a large difference in the laugh lines at the side of my eyes.

Would I purchase this product again? Yes, but I have to be honest and say that I love rotating my serums. Therefore I may have to contain myself or else I will not see the full results of this serum ....especially considering it has a cumulative action on the lines and wrinkles by minimizing muscle movement.

The benefits of the DERMAQUEST AM & R FACIAL RECOVERY - pH 6.5
- Increases the skins natural healing potential and tissue regeneration (great to compliment peels)
- Relaxes muscle contractions
- Enhances the effects of peels, laser and resurfacing (microdermabrasion) treatments
- Increases the skins hydration levels ( dermal and epidermal)

The DERMAQUEST AM & R FACIAL RECOVERY is a virtual cocktail of peptides and plant ingredients to slow down ageing and increase the moisture and collagen levels of your skin..

Dermaquest as a whole is fabulous range of cosmeceutical products and from what I have experienced to date, I can only but recommend them.

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