Winter brings pictures of a warm cosy fire , decadent cups of hot chocolate and fabulous snuggles under cuddly blankets, ccompanied by sultry, seductive fragrances with rich and opulent undertones invading the air.

Whether you prefer to burn candles, aromatherapy burners or wear a fabulous fragrance yourself ... winter is no excuse not to have heavenly smells hanging in the warm and often stagnant air.

My favourite fragrance thus far for this winter is Optphi's Essence 1.618 Aromatic Balm.
It is soft and sultry with hints of plum and a sugary, creamy base feminine and perfect on a cold day.


 So here is what I thought ...

Packaging - 
A cute little tin which of course I love (being vintagey and all that) , very cute and functional. The tin is easy to open and trust me this is a plus!

 Fragrance - 
Is the most divine creamy , sugary ,and rather plummy smelling fragrance. It is soft, very feminine and full of warm undertones making it perfect for winter.

Texture - 
This is a solid balm which gets softer with the heat of the fingers , it is a pretty shade of plummy pink and spreads well on the skin without leaving a greasy trail.

Efficacy - 
I find that a smear of this balm on my wrist pulse points lasts 3-4 hours which is quite long for a perfume solid. I am loving the subtly and comforting smell of the OPTIPHI ESSENCE 1.618 AROMATIC BALM and would honestly recommend it to anyone.

As mentioned above, I am truly enjoying this product which I recieved as part of a goodie bag back in January. The only down side thus far is that the tin seems to be rusting a little from the sea air here at the coast.

I am unable to give you a retail price at the moment.

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