I know that as a woman bad body can be some what horrific. There have been ocassions in a lift or at the gym where I have been standing next to the most attractive woman and the smells oozing out from under her arm pitts were enough to make me feel positively ill.

Am I a saint ? Heck No!
But I have made it a personal mission to always use the strongest possible deodorant on the market. I suffer from hormonal issues, add to an unaturally high core body temperature, it greatly increases the chances to of having body odour. So you can imagine my predicament when it is a very hot day in summer or whilst training at the gym.

I have used Mitchum on and off for most of my life , always try the different what I call 'textures' ie. cream , roll on and gel formula's to see which best suits my body and it's personal needs. MITCHUM has been around for more than fifty years and I remember many moons ago in our school locker room a friend sharing her 'deo secret' ... which of course then becam mine ..MITCHUM.

I recently recieved a Media pack full of MITCHUM goodies to try, funnily enough I had already bought the roll on (Pure Fresh) about two weeks prior. What truly caught my eye was the impressive and bright re-branding of MITCHUM.
No more does it look 'old ladyish' it is now bright and trendy...

See for yourself ....
So what did I think of it ...

Packaging - 
I love the new funky and bright colours , the basic packaging remains the same with the core colour still being the palette of greens.

Fragrance -
Here I am quite fussy...
Firstly, I don't like a very flowery scents and secondly, I hate it if and when I do perspire and the fragrance of my deodorant competes with my body odour.
Of the MITCHUM fragrances my favourite were the Pure Fresh and the Unscented.

Texture -
I again find this personal preferance and for my body I find that the Gel texture works best for me. The products do however com e in a roll on , a stick solid and of course the gel.

Efficacy - 
I find that MITCHUM works like a bomb for me and it has done for nearly 20 years , when changing from another brand though it does take my body a few days to adjust. I also find that it is not always as effective when I am wearing synthetic fabrics.
Overall I love the brand and I have enjoyed testing the new fragrances and oxgen odour control technology.

Fragrances Options Available:
Women - Powder Fresh , Pure Fresh , Shower Fresh , Flower Fresh and Unscented.
Men - Clean Control , Sport , Mountain Air , Ice Fresh and Unscented

Benefits of Mitchum :
- Unique Oxygen odor control technology
- Target and destoys odour , neautralising it all
- Odour protection for up to 48 hours
- Sweat and odor control
- Dermatologist tested

Available at:
Leading Retailers and Pharmacies throughout South Africa
Retails at ZAR 34.99 - 49.99

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