Eye lashes as funny as they may seem actually have an integral role to play in the over all wellbeing of the eye area. Be that as it may , it doesn't change the fact that eylashes come in many shapes and sizes.

Here aresome  interesting facts about eyelashes you may not have known:
  • eyelashes protect your eyes against particles in the environment 
  • eyelashes form a barrier between objects that might be propelled towards the eye
  • you lose your eyelashes every five weeks
I don't know about you but I seriously have the most pathetic eyelashes you have ever seen , not only are they blonde ... they are straight ... and they are so fine you need a magnifying lamp to find them without a heap of mascara piled on.

I was recently given an eyelash conditioner to try called  MD LASH FACTOR and if anyone had tried to take this from me I'm sure I would've had to do some serious ninja moves.

MD Lash Factor

 So here is what I thought ...

Packaging -
This product comes packaged in a black box with it's super luxurious brushed silver tube inside. At first glance it looks like an eyeliner until you run the brush over your fingertip and see that it contains a clear serum like product.
It has a fabulous luxurious look and feel to the tube.

Texture - 
Is a lightweight gel like serum that is easily applied along the lash line.

Fragrance - 
Has none to speak of really.

Efficacy - 
I decided to keep a commentary in my diary on how my lashes felt whils using the product in order to best give you feedback:

Week 1-
My lashes don't really feel any difference this week.

Week 2 - 
This week I can feel my lashes feel almost as though they are firmer. The best way to describe it is a feel similar to that of implanted lashes.

Week 3 - 
This week my lashes feel a lot thicker on the lash line and I am almost positive there are a few more lashes.

Week 4 -
This week my lashes don't feel any different really or maybe I am just getting used to the feel?

Week 5 -
This week I can definitely see a difference in the length of my lashes when I apply mascara , I have a few more lashes but rather than being more they seem much thicker and longer. I like it!

Week 6 - 
So this week again I can really see the difference I feel a little like a doll with long and defined lashes , I love it. The strangest feeling is removing my make up , the lashes feel a lot firmer.

What I loved about this product is that I could apply it on the lash line , go to sleep and the product was doing all the work. What I did notice is that my eyes were red every morning for some reason , not sure why?

Would I buy this product? If I had a serious issue with my eyelashes and the budget available for sure ... For now though it will have to be mascara with fibers in them ......sigh.

Has a unique cocktail of ingredients such as Cytokines Complex, THiotane derived from mushrooms all to nourish and stimulate growth as well as fuller thicker lashes.

Benefits of MD LASH FACTOR
- Physician Formulated
- Ophthalmologist Tested
- safe for contact lens wearer
- safe for sensitive eyes
- 95% users have reported thicker fuller lashes in 30 days

For more info visit:
Tel: 011 706 2518

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