I haven't been nearly as diligent with my nail posts as I would like to be , however I do have an excuse ... do you know how difficult it is to take a photo with an ipad in one hand .. whilst the other is trying to assume a position and hold 1/2 nail polish bottles?
It's flippin difficult ...... but for you gals 'I killa da bull' ...he he he

So here is today #NOTD and what I thought ...

Catrice Ultimate Nail Lacquer  - in Bloody Mary to Go #18
Packaging - 
This comes in a chunky glass bottle with a chubby cap. I enjoyed the thick and well shaped brush ... although I have to say it took some time to get used to handling the chubby cap of the brush applicator.

Texture - 
I love the thickness and texture of this CATRICE nail polish, you could quite easily get away with one coat of this polish if you needed to paint your nails in a hurry. I love the coverage and have already worn this colour numerous times this winter.
The polish itself dries fairly quickly, medium to quick drying speed.

Efficacy -
This nail polish is super effective in my opinion , it offers great coverage and pigment. The polish itself last 3-4 days before tip wear is evident.

This CATRICE nail polish in BLOODY MARY TO GO is a firm favourite and will remain my 'go to' red for this winter.

Top Tip: It looks super with Navy and White for that Nautical inspired look.
Retails approx ZAR 50-70.00

Toy Nail Polish - In Ro Sa Do
Packaging - 
Is what I consider to be a traditional nail polish bottle with the slender topped brush applicator. The brush itself is a medium sized brush and applies the product with ease.

Texture - 
Is a lovely medium thick polish , it has amazing coverage with one coat and the pigment is bright and true to colour. I love the ease with which this applies to the nails.

Efficacy -
This TOY polish is super effective , super quick dring and super pigmented ... oh heck ... It's just plain SUPER! I am honestly very impressed with this polish which I won from Charlene at Gee Whiskers.

I will definitely be investing in more of the TOY nail polishes and just love the selection of colours , thank you Charlene for the introduction.
Retails for ZAR 99.00

Have a super day...

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