I have never been thin and always joke that I have never seen my hip bones and more than likely won't ... This means that food and good food has never really been an issue for me. You see you can't miss what you've never had and so in life I choose to live to the fullest relishing life's little pleasures ...
There is nothing like the smell and taste of fresh bread, or the yummy creaminess of homemade cream cheese on toast or  it's unique creaminess in my favourite cheesecake. Let me show you how you too can easily make this fabulous little treat ....

Preparation  & Cooking time10minutes,   Total 2/3 days
Serving : 400gr
Difficulty : 2/10
You will need:
 For the Cream Cheese  :
1 x Muslin Cloth
1 x Ribbon/Twine or elastic band
1 x 500ml Double Cream Yoghurt ( Personal Favourite: Woolworths)
Place Muslin cloth lining a  large glass bowl , pour contents of yoghurt into the muslin cloth , pulling all points together (see below) and squeeze out as much liquid as possible. Tye the ribbon/twine or elastic band around the top of the cloth and leave your parcel resting in your colander in the sink for the evening.
The following morning once again squeeze out as much of the liquid as possible and then rest your parcel in the colander over an empty pot and in the fridge for 2 days. By now all the liquid has drained out and you have a super creamy , yoghurt tasting cream cheese.

Add fun ingredients to flavour such as:
Finely chopped Apricots & Walnuts
Blue Cheese & Powdered Biltong
Cranberries & Honey
I use this for all my cheesecake baking and savoury cream cheese tarts.
** cooks note
This recipe is based partially on the original recipe supplied & featured in the Get It Magazine by Nina Timm 

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