I have to be honest and say that I really should not be a fan of facial/cosmetics wipes , why?

Well it's easy to fall into the trap of using these wipes as a routine, in place of the proper facial cleansers. This poses a problem (especially for us beauty therapists) as in effect you are then not cleansing your skin adequately unless using the double cleansing method.

However when I saw these DOVE cosmetic wipes in CHECKERS the otherday, I just could not help myself (curiosity and all that) ....


So here is what I thought ...

Packaging - 
The packaging is a lovely sivlver foil pack with stick tab with the cute transparent Dove emblem , quite pretty and what caught my eye in the shops.

Fragrance - 
It actually has a smell that reminds me of eye make up remover , there are no fragrances added to this product which makes it user friendly for sensitive skins.

Texture - 
it claims to be the only 100% pure cotton cosmetic wipe on the market and it is soft on the skin , not unlike the usual cosmetic wipes but the 100% cotton is once again a plus for sensitive and reactive skins.

Efficacy - 
I found the DOVE LIQUID COTTON wipes to be effective at removing most of my make up and debris on the skin. I would not say it removes all traces of eye make up but then I do enjoy cleansing my face with water afterwards anyhow. I have enjoyed using these cosmetic wipes and as a budget friendly option they are great.

Interesting Info:
DOVE LIQUID COTTON cosmetic wipes:
- are 100 % Cotton
- are Dermatologically tested
- are Fragrance , Alcohol and soap free

Retails for approxiamately ZAR 28.00
I bought my pack of cosmetic wipes in CHECKERS but I am sure you would find them at most retailers and pharmacies.

Website: http://www.dove.co.za/en/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/dove

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