As a skin care therapist I am always intrigued when a new Skin Peel is launched ...why? Well of course I want to know what makes it different from all the rest?

I had the priviledge of recently attending the Media Launch of the new Dermalogica BioSurface Peel and I was suitably impressed. If you are even half as curious as me, I know you are dying to hear all about it ...

Firstly in true 'DERMALOGICA STYLE' it was explained to us the difference between a peel given by a therapist in a salon and a medical grade peel given by a Doctor which in brief is as follows:

A therapist does a very superficial - superficial peels with concentrations of less than 30%  Hydroxy acids and very low concentrations TCA acids.
 A doctor on the other hand, does superficial - deep peels in concentrations of less than 50% Hydroxy acids and high concentrations of TCA acids

In short a peel by a doctor works on a much deeper level, with far higher concentrations of product. These can induce stress on the nervous system, as well as anxiety and therefore needs to be performed by a medical practitioner.

So what makes Dermalogica's BioSurface Peel unique?

The skin preparation prior to treatment
  • Your skin will be analysed to ensure that you are already exfoliating and that your skin is ready to recieve a peel
  • Your lifestyle will be analysed ie. diet , exercise to ensure that your skin can tolerate a peel
  • Your homecare routine as far as skin care goes
** This is not just a walk in and lie down treatment and Dermalogica are well known for their unique Skin Analysis called FACE MAPPING.

Maximum results with no 'down time'
  • You can have a treatment done at lunch time with very little physical evidenec of a peel
  • Your peel depth is determined by you on the day , it is customised to suit you personally.
Therapists have advanced and specialised training
  • You can rest assured that your therapist has had advanced Dermalogica training to do the BioSurface Peel and has qualified with certification in performing skin peels.
So what can you expect from the Dermalogica BioSurface Peel?
Dermalogica will be launching this treatment in Salons in September, so keep an eye out for these peels... it is definitely worth spoiling yourself.

I know I can't wait!

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