It’s the same old story...  
“a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear??”  while my husband gives that “I can’t believe one person has some many clothes look” ho hum..
One would think I am having tea with the QUEEN by the way I gasp with horror when looking in my wardrobe first thing in the mornings….. it's a total panic!!!
In order to alleviate my daily stress…. (gosh as wives, moms, working women we have enough on our plates) and for the wellbeing of my marriage, I decided it was time for a ‘wardrobe cleanse”!

Ignoring the sideways smirk from my better half... (and the ‘I TOLD YOU SO LOOK”) 
I got  STUCK IN!!

The overall process was rather cathartic and I feel much “lighter” so to speak. What has remained in my closet is what I personally deem to be my wardrobe staples…. 
You know those irreplaceable “go to… pieces”
In no particular order here are my wadrobe essentials:

1) A crisp white shirt , this is easy to wear tucked in (yes ladies you can give it a TRY!) or just leave it out out!! It is the ultimate versatile top and goes well with those sexy skinny’s
2) Skinny jeans (colour is always a personal preference)
3) Trench Coat  which these day comes in a variety of styles ...
A fabulous staple because of its light weight appeal (it’s easy to throw on for a mild summer evening too).
4) Black heels (for that romantic dinner your hubby  has planned of course)  and pumps (for that 'on the go , I don’t want to trip while I run down to fetch the kids from school look)

5) Black blazer. I love wearing mine… pair it with a white v neck soft tee and skinny jeans! 
It's is a winner!! Add a leopard print scarf to accessorize and u ready to hit the road!!! (or catwalk)    
For that tres casual look…. Roll the sleeves of the blazer a up a tad!!
6) The  Risk Taker, that I on occasion let out…allowed me  to invest in a black leather jacket… no need to break open those piggy banks, shop around for a (dare I say) a  'FAKE'!! 

It’s just as effective and adds a bit of pizazz to any outfit , you can even switch it up and instead of wearing the blazer.. throw on the leather jacket and add a pop of colour with a bright scarf!! 
You may even develop a spring in your step with this cute new look… and now you're hot to trot!

7) My last but certainly not least is a Sexy pair of sunnies!! 
(as I refer to myself unadshamedly as a “SUNGLASS  ADDICT ” )
This accessory is a very personal choice, my only humble advice is choose a style that suits your facial structure and can stand the test of the ever changing trends.
After all by the time this goes to print.. my current sunnies could be yesterdays news!
At this moment in time I am wearing Rayban Aviators with a light blue tint. ( hmmm you could say' TOPGUN STYLE!' ) 
Hmmmm ....I wouldn’t mind Tom Cruise by my side!!
Thank you all for giving me your attention and for reading my “back to basics” class 101. 
You have all been “MODEL” Students…  with no talking back to the teacher!!
Your Homework (and you all thought you weren't getting any) is to do your own “wardrobe Cleansing” and drop me an comment on the blog to tell me how it felt? 
I know you want too ...

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