I am truly blessed to have two guest contributors to this blog , both of them truly talented Nail Bloggers , once again it is that time of the month and today I am featuring a nail tutorial by Thea of MADNESS NAILS.

So without further ado I hand over to Thea ....

Heeeeey!!! Hey hey hey Femme lovelies! I am back with another tutorial inspired by this pattern that Heather gave me for nail art. Now...before I go on, let me just emphasize INSPIRE! Basically, the nail art looks nothing like the pattern but believe me it was completely inspired by it...and dammit, I really like how it came out so no judgies mkay??

Abstract Flowers Nail Tutorial

Tools Used:
- A small, medium & large sized Dotting Tool or any homemade dotting tool of your choice (hair pin, needle head, etc.)
- Very thin, extra long Striping brush

Polishes Used:
- Tip Top Nail Chic Fairy Dust
- Tip Top Nail Chic Crushed Grapes
- Nubar Dolcetto
- WOW Cosmetics #393

1.Start by laying down a protective base coat of your choice. When this is dry, lay down 2 coats of the lilac polish (Tip Top Nail Chic Fairy Dust).

2.With your striping brush, make random, uneven lines with your black polish (WOW Cosmetics #393) over the lilac base.

3.Using your large dotting tool, make a guide dot for your next step. (Nubar Dolcetto)

4.With your small dotting tool, make the flower petals around the first dots. For a nice even look, try and make the dots across from each other. (Nubar Dolcetto)

5.In the middle of your flower’s “template”, make a dot with your large dotting tool and lilac polish (Tip Top Nail Chic Fairy Dust).

6.To finish off the look, make a dot with your medium dotting tool and your lighter grape colour (Tip Top Nail Chic Crushed Grapes). Add a coat of your favourite top coat and you are done!

I loved the way this came out. It doesn’t look exactly like the picture it was inspired by but that is the whole point of inspiration right? And it’s such an easy look to recreate. If you do redo it, give me a shout because I would love to see it!

I just want to say a huge thank you to Thea for another truly inspirational nail tutorial, which  by the way is absolutely GORGEOUS!

For more on the fabulous Thea visit her blog called MADNESS NAILS and show her some love.

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