As a real skin care junkie I approach products with a different view to most people and I think it really shows in my blog ... why?
Well firstly I want to know as a therapist what is in it? Why I should use it? Does it work? How active are the ingredients? It is because of this that you will always get a thorough review from me, yes they can be long at times but rather you have the full picture ' as I see it'.

Today's product is DERMACEUTIC a product relatively unknown to me yet highly recommended to me by friends in the business. I got 2 or 3 samples to try of a night cream called TURN OVER by DERMACEUTIC and promptly started using them with great expectations ...


So here is what I thought ...

Packaging -
I recieved samples which were very clean and simple in appearance (see above) , but the product itself comes packaged in what looks like an airless pump, with metered out doses. I like the simple clean lines of this product, which also tends lean this product towards a cosmeceutical/ medical aesthetic type appearance.

Texture - 
This product is a medium weight milky white cream, it smoothes over the skin easily and is absorbed super fast (well by my skin anyway). A little goes a long way!

Fragrance - 
Is very acidic in smell , which is to be expected considering is is quite high in glycolic acid percentages.

Efficacy - 
I haven't used the product long enough to give you an in depth report back , however I can tell you that from the moment I applied the product I could feel it's 'bite' attesting to the high concentration of glycolic acid. Any spots I had cleared and dried up within two days.
My skin when pinkish from the acids on application , however in the morning my skintone was clear and even ... I was quite impressed.

DERMACEUTIC had the following to say abot this product:

'By removing dead cells from the skin surface, the signs of aging are less visible, the skin appears smoother, and complexion is more homogeneous.'

Turn Over
** please note in order to achieve best results one should have regular Dermaceutic skin peels. I will be having mine this coming Saturday and will be posting a review.

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