Recently I was invited to attend a lovely Art Gallery exhibition hosted by Bio Oil  and the theme 'Marks of Change' , unfortunately I was unable to attend the event however I recieved a fabulous package of BIO OIL to try out for myself.

The 'Marks of Change' exhibit highlights the key periods in a womans life, these changes are not only biological but have physiological impacts too. Good examples such as in pregnancy , old age , after medical procedures ... a literal showcase of the scars we bare from living life.

So here is my journey with ...
I have been very much biased in the past when it comes to BIO OIL , I now realise that it is in part due to ignorance as well as a lack of trying out the product for myself.
You see in the beauty industry we support all the major brands that have huge power houses of research and ingredients whose names you might need a phonetic coach in order to pronounce, however often the smaller products are 'pooh-poohed' purely as we are groomed to reach the highest retail targets ... and that means selling high end products all the way.

Now don't get me wrong, the high end products are 'ah-mazing' and they are really active providing quick results as promised ...however every now and then a little 'budget friendly' product comes along ... one that truly delivers on it's promises ... and to me BIO OIL is one of these.

Firstly let me mention that I have severly neglected to hydrate the skin on my body , part because it was an effort with my lumps and bumps getting in the way, and partly because I think all all honesty I tried to pretend my being overweight away .. it's not there if you don't see it (mind tricks).

I have now taken myself in hand and here is what I thought ...

Packaging - 
The packaging is simple, understated and attractive. I love that the bottle and lid are chunky which makes it easier to handle when your hands are slippery from the oil.

Fragrance - 
It has a soft and slightly powdery perfume to the oil , to me it is very comforting and reminds me a lot of newborn babies ( you know the smell).
It is not intrusive at all.

Texture - 
This is a super fine oil that coats the skin and penetrates the skin over the period of a few minutes. I enjoy the super soft feeling my skin has after applying the BIO OIL and this softness remains ... it does not wash off
(as many products do) the smooth - softness does not disappear .... it actually changes the texture of the skin.

Efficacy -
My skin has gone from blotchy and grey in appearance, with chicken skin type dots ( yes it was horrible I kid you not). To soft and smooth and the 'chicken skin' is starting to disappear too. I AM A BIO OIL CONVERT! I will quite honestly tell anybody and everybody about this affordable and amazing product ... my skin says 'THANK YOU' to BIO OIL.

After all seeing is believing and if you have winter skin like me have nothing to loose except dry flakey skin. Go on take the challenge I dare you!

BIO OIL  is available at pharmacies & select retailers and comes in 3 handy sizes :
60ml at ZAR 49.99
125ml at ZAR 74.99
200ml at ZAR 104.99

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