Time flies as they say and it is already past the middle of the month , which means it is once again time for a Nail Tutorial. This week Femme Lifestyle once again features the fabulous Michelle of Ordinary Misfit, over to Michelle ...
Hi lovelies, 

I am back again…yay!  It is always such a pleasure to take over for a little while even though I am super nervous for this post.

When I saw the inspiration picture I had a million ideas of what to do.  I finally settle on one and even though I really loved it I wasn’t sure if it translated well to photos.  I suspect it might make more sense after explaining my train of thought than it would by just looking at it.  It reminded me of a paper with ink that got wet and I wanted to do it varying stages of ‘running’ but I didn’t know how to incorporate that into nails (easily) so I went with this.  It starts out with the ‘hand drawn’ blocks on my middle finger and the colours running and mixing on the fingers to sides of it.  So let me show you and tell you how I did it.

Polishes used:

White:  Sinful Colors – Snow me white

OPI – Yoga-ta get this blue (darkest blue)

Sinful Colors – Midnight blue (medium blue)

Wet n Wild – Saved by the blue (lightest blue) 

Tools used:

Nail art brush.  You can use any shape or size

Striping tape.  You can also cut normal tape into any width you want.  

- I started off with my base coat and 2 coats of Sinful Colors – Snow me white and left that to dry completely.

- Once that was completely dry, I used striping tape and made little squares.  I then used my little nail art brush and the different shades of blue and randomly coloured in the blocks.  I wanted it to be a little ‘messy’ and irregular to make it look more hand drawn.  Once that was done I pulled off the tape immediately.

- On my index, thumb, ring and pinky I used the different shades of blue and my nail art brush.  I made a blob of each colour on a little plastic card and then randomly dipped my brush in each colour and made vertical and horizontal stripes across my nail.  I didn’t think about it too much but tried to make sure the different shades of blues crossed or connected instead of the same shades.  It happens of course but I tried for this to be as little as possible.

- Topcoat and you’re done.

I actually really liked this so much.  It really is so easy to do and it looks so arty and different.  I tend to always have very straight and exact shapes on my nails and it was fun to have something a little different and random on my nails.

 What do you think? 

Thanks so much for having Heather.  It is always such a pleasure and honour.   

I hope you are all keeping warm!

Once again I have to thank Michelle for an absolutely amazing Nail Tutorial , I love this look and wish Michelle was closer so that she could do my bails too :) ........ Fabulous!

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