I have a confession to make, I am a 'coffee traitor' in winter. You see I can't drink too much coffee (2 cups max) without getting a headache and whilst I love the coffee, I can do without the headache.

It goes without saying then that my winter time alternative is tea, although loose leaf tea blends have always featured top of my 'to dink' list. I recently came across a new tea trader that I was unfamiliar with (hangs head in shame) called THE TEA MERCHANT.  

THE TEA MERCHANT had a fabulous stand at The Good Food and Wine Show this year, and with all it's glass tea pot and loose leaf tea prettiness... it soon sucked me in and left me standing staring aimlessly at the fabulous loose leaf tea options ...

I thought I would share with you the first of a four part series on TEA-LICIOUS treats for the TEA CONNOISSEUR

Today I am featuring the fabulous and rather amazing business THE TEA MERCHANT

As you can see in the above diagram the THE TEA MERCHANT not only sell tea's of the traditional varieties such as green tea , white tea , black tea and rooibos but they also offer fabulous flavored loose teas such as fruit , flower( I love the blooming tea's from the Far East), herbal and gourmet tea bags (see those little pods in bright colors).

THE TEA MERCHANT also stocks the most fabulous glass , glass & stainless steel, cast iron tea pots and other novelty tea accessories (such as that cute glass single serving tea diffuser on my wishlist). There are a wealth of options for you to browse through and honestly I could spend hours just going through all the unique blends. My personal favourite which I tried at The Good Food & Wine Show is the ROOIBOS ALMOND MILK and in the GOURMET TEA BAGS I bought myself the ROOIBOS VANILLA and the ROSEHIP and I am loving both ....

So if you too are a teetotaler and love a tea 'toot' or two ... these are the teas for you! 
( he he he , that all rhymes)

The THE TEA MERCHANT has a shop based in the Victoria & Alfred Waterfront as well as an online store.

P.S. Did you see the fun D.I.Y Projects on the page above , perfect for the tea lover ( gonna try them myself).

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