Last weekend I was invited to attend a Media Launch of NATURAL SOAP MAKING by RAIN, to say I was ecstatic would be an understatement of note.

I  confirmed my attendance in a heartbeat and after having such a ball I thought I would share a little of our day as well as the fabulous demonstration of the art of soap making by none other than Bev Missing, the founder and entrepreneur behind RAIN....

Bev has taken the time in between her busy schedule to write a 'no holds barred' book on soap making, sharing not only all her recipes gleaned over many years of trial and error, but also the techniques on creating these beautifully decorative patterns and designs.

As you can see the book is as beautiful and enchanting on the outside as the recipes and soaps featured within ...
Our day started off with some 'roadtrippin' to get to Muizenberg and our taxi? The ever fun and vivacious Cupcake Mummy who ever so kindly drive myself and Leana (Hipstyler,Pretty & Ginger) to the event. As we arrived we bumped into another fellow blogger and friend Sarah from The Mommy City... and here they are...
Seated from the right: Leana , Cupcake and Sarah
As I metioned there is never a dull moment or lack of smiles when Cupcake is around , she promptly filled the shoes of 'Butler/doorlady' welcoming us in with much aplomb!

Now if you know anything about us bloggers, you'll know how important the first cup of  tea/coffee of the day is.
Lucky for us RAIN understood, and the minute we arrived we were served the most delicious aromatic cup of coffee at the gorgeous Casa Labia Museum in Muizenberg.

Whilst Bev and the RAIN team where finalizing the finishing touches in the soap making room , we got the opportunity to chat to some of the ladies representing the printed/online media publications such as HUISGENOOT and IDEAS MAGAZINE ( keep your eyes open for some soap inspirations in future issues).

Here are some of the beautiful handmade soaps on display, many from the NATURAL SOAP MAKING BOOK by RAIN
Natural Soaps are made from a variety of natural oils and butters , these are not all in liquid form. We learnt that it is therefore very important to measure your ingredients precisely to the gram, and yes most of these are measured in weight ie. grams... not volume, mainly due to the variance between weight verses volume and density.
On to the main purpose of the days event ... learning and watching the process of NATURAL SOAP MAKING with Bev Missing of RAIN.

Here is a step by step recollection of the soap making demonstration, including how to create the beautiful flowing and swirling patterns as (visible in the soap images above).
Note: the different colors which are alternated, until the mold is full. These are poured over the diamond shaped tower in order to create a unique pattern. The tower is then removed at the end of the demo, whereafter Bev adds additional black soap into the void, averting a white blob (void) in the center of this block and future bars of soap.

Now it was our turn to try our hands at pouring soap and mixing in the natural mica pigments , note the strange looks and facial expressions of the media group (tee hee) ..

It is important to stress that NATURAL SOAP MAKING takes time , accuracy and a minimum of 6 weeks curing time for the saponification process to occur. Saponification is the process whereby the alkaline soap matures loosing it hiugh alkalinity and becoming safe for use on the skin, what we traditionally know as 'soap'.

Of course such 'hard work'(yeah right) deserves to be rewarded with the most decadent lunch ... well that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it! 

We were spoilt rotten with a fabulous lunch at CASA LABIA MUSEUM 
** (A restored Colonial home on Muizenberg's main road. It is jam packed with historical French Colonial furnishings and Artworks. This home used to be the residence of the French Ambassador in South Africa, whilst it is now a lovely museum and restaurant much of the decor and furnishings remain untouched)

Restaurant Feature & Review to follow ...
As if we weren't spoilt enough already, we each received a divine HANDMADE SOAP from RAIN (I love that these are packaged and labelled with the soap Artisan's name on the bar) as well as a personalised and autographed copy of NATURAL SOAP MAKING by RAIN.

Bev Missing is truly the most genuine , humble and talented lady.
You can purchase your own autographed copy of NATURAL SOAP MAKING by Rain in any of the local RAIN stores.

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