Aromatic Apothecary specialise in aromatherapy products, they have a trusted and longstanding brand on which I know I can depend.

I recently had the opportunity to test this fabulous product which has become my 'go to' product when my shoulders get sore from sitting in front of my computer.


So here is what I thought ...

Fragrance -
In this instance it is Essential Oils and not fragrance. Consisting of a blend of Ginger , Rosemary , Peppermint , Lavender and Menthol ... this product is spicy , warm and soothing to both mind and body.

Packaging -
Is a 150ml white spritz bottle ( small enough to pop in your handbag). It is easy to use and to spritz on afflicted areas by yourself.
It gives a medium width spray to cover sore and bruised muscles.
A 50ml white roll-on applicator (looks like a deo roller). Great for in the handbag and can be rolled over sore and tense muscles, it's almost like a mini massage.

Texture -
It is a water based spray and thus has a liquid texture , however in the roll on version it is gel based (water based gel) and great to do self massage on sore neck and shoulder areas.

Efficacy -
I find this spray and the roll on (which I also have in my possession) both to be super effective. I find the products are cool on application and warm up rather rapidly on the body , heating the muscles , improving the circulation area and easing tension.

I must say I really have loved both of these options and I have found that rolling a little of the 'roll on relief 'on my temples alleviates any tension especially when a headache is lurking.

Retail for the set of  ROLL ON RELIEF and SPRAY ON RELIEF
is ZAR 165.00 (for the combo)

I will definitely be back for these two products, they have saved my neck and shoulders many a day in the last few weeks, they are natural and they work!

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