I am back again with one of my favourite brands RAIN and their fabulous product called RELAXING PULSE POINT BALM.

In a world that is high stress , low tolerance and time driven we all struggle to cope with the daily grind. On any given day we are trying to push as much as possible into the hours we are at work, we leave for home and then proceed to do exactly the same ... eventually collapsing in a heap of unconsciousness called sleep.

How do we cope? We have too, like it or not!

What can however help relieve a little of the stress and tension and just give you some renewed vigor in a long day in five minutes of fresh air and a dab of Rain's RELAXING PULSE POINT BALM.

This little pump bottle is as close as you will get to an ahhhhhh! in a busy day, so listen up....


So here is what I thought ...

Packaging - 
Is a nifty little pump bottle which pumps out measured amounts of product to be rubbed directly onto pulse points.

Fragrance - 
This little product in all honesty smells like minty toothpaste and/or minty sweets . It is a soft powdery minty-ness and not sharp at all, the smell is due to the Essential Oils of Bergamot , Peppermint , Spearmint and Eucalyptus and is not unpleasant at all.

Texture - 
This product is a white creamy texture but on application it disappears into the skin without a trace of oily residue, this is thanks to the fabulous Mafura Butter used in this formulation.

Efficacy - 
This product is instantly cooling , it perks up your spirits and smells lovely. I have used it both at work and after hours just before bed and I find I sleep much more peacefully.

I have come to love this little pump which I won in a lucky draw and would really recommend you try it at least once, by now you know I suffer with headaches and I personally love to rub this on my temples to ease the headaches nowadays.

Here is an indication of where your Pulse Points are located ?

Image Source - Click Here
These are the points in your body where your pulse can be measured as the arteries are close to the surface. They are therefore great to apply product as the essential oils assimilate directly into the blood stream and start working immediately.

This product retails for a steal at ZAR 59.00

For more info visit RAINAFRICA.COM

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