Preparation  & Cooking time : 90 minutes
Serves :6

Difficulty : 2/10

You will need:

 For the crust  :
1 x Roll Puff Pastry 
or alternatively 
1 x Batch Home Made Pastry (Watch this space)

For the filling :
4 pork sausages
2 XL potatoes
1 XL Egg
1 Tbsp Worcester Sauce
1 pinch salt
1 Tsp brown sugar
Pepper to taste

Method: (see below for pictorial)
Precook the potatoes and leave to cool
Heat the oven to 180'c

For the crust :
- Roll out the pastry until about 5mm thick
- Cut large circles to fit inside your muffin pan, with extra pastry sticking out above the pan
- Cut medium circles for the top of the pies
- Line the muffin pans with the large circles and set aside (do not bake yet)

For the filling :
- Take the cool potatoes and roughly mash with a fork , this does not have to be a fine mash but rather a chunky uneven mash.
- Push the pork sausage mix out of the skins and on top of the mash mix
- Add the egg and spices and turn over with a fork, do not overwork and make the mixture squishy.
- Spoon the filling into the casings , place the large circles over the filling and bring the pastry edges together and squash tightly closed

Bake at 180'c for 25minutes

** cooks note -
Do not over spice the filling as it will already containing seasoning from the sausage mix.

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