When winter comes along and my skin and hair seem to dry out unbearably I am always surprised ...
'Why? I have no idea , it only happens every year!' talk about silly ...

Here are a few of my personal favourites that I am wishing for this winter ...

WINTER SHOES - Boots & Flats
1 Pair of Knee High boots with Elastane panels
1 Pair of Ankle High boots with Elastane panels
1 Pair of Grey Flats
( all available online at Spree.co.za)

Next up is to maintain the hydration of my hair which dries out and frizzes with all the aircons and heaters, I would love to try this fabulous range that I have spotted ...

HAIR CARE - Hydrate & Repair
OGX - Awapuhi and Ginger
( This brand used to be Organix and is all natural , Eco friendly & Green)

So I always use winter to boost my skin as far as hydration and nourishment goes , but it is also the best time to use active products to kick start your skin metabolism. Winter is also the best time to have a course of Skin Peels at your local salon (but please wear sunblock, yes even in winter)

SKIN CARE - Anti-aging
Dermalogica's Skin Perfect Primer - great for that flawless looking skin
Dermalogica's Age Reversal Eye Complex ( to me it smells like berries #loveit)
Dermalogica's Multivitamin Hand & Nail Barrier for me hectically dry hands
(yes I am a little Dermalogica crazy at the moment)

Last but not least is fragrance, in winter we need to be warm , soft skin and well smell good.... let your presence linger even when you are not in the room ...

WARM & INVITING FRAGRANCES - Sultry, feminine and with warm undertones
Chloe Eau de Parfum
Tom Ford Sahara Noir
Givenchy Dahlia Noir

So there you have it , a few of my personal favourites that would please any womans heart ...sigh ...to dream.

Stay warm and dry if you are here in the Southern Hemisphere.

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