PALMERS COCOA BUTTER products have been a firm favourite for as long as I can remember, I imagine everybody knows their yummy smelling Cocoa Butter range for the face and body. It usually has me wanting to lick my skin after applying it ....'it smells all chocolatey'.

When recently shopping in Dis-Chem I spotted this little number it has a Wild Mixed Berry flavour (near the tills)and I just had to have it!


So here is what I thought ...
Packaging - 
The packaging is super cute and it's pink ... however it is in reality somewhat impractical in shape and depth. I am also almost 100% certain that with constant use the top will seperate from the bottom considering the flimsy plastic on the bend of the lid. I am however very fussy with packaging and this may just be me.

Fragrance - 
I love this mixed wildberry smell, it smells like summer and it tastes great on the lips.

Texture - 
I love that the texture of this is buttery with great slip , it leaves the lips hydrated with a lovely sheen and a hint of colour. Palmers never disappoint me when it comes to formulations,  and of course the cocoa butter is always a treat.

Efficacy -
It was lovely and soft on the lips, it gives a hint of colour and relieves dryness for a short while. I loved using this product for the hydration and the sheer tint. The smell was awesome but the packaging left a little to be desired.

I am not convinced enough to buy it again.
Retails approx ZAR36

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