Mantis eXtreme are known for their fabulous 'once-in-a-lifetime' adrenalin pumping and 'camel man' type adventures .... you know the kind that gets you face to face with sharks, swimming with whales or even trekking with gorilla's.

But just when you thought you had seen it all , Mantis eXtreme launch a brand new experience, right here in the heart Africa .....

SAFARI'S BY MOONLIGHT is located in one of Africa's forgotten gems , the Lugenda Wilderness Camp located in Mozambique’s remote Niassa Reserve.

As the very first moonlight safari of its kind, the remote location of Lugenda reserve means there is zero light pollution from the outside world so when the moon is at its fullest visibility is impressive beyond belief. Highly skilled and experienced rangers take guests out at night on foot and in game viewer vehicles to explore the mystic of this enchanting wilderness area, the more adventurous, guests are invited to sleep out in the wilds of the reserve in one of the fly-camps set atop the unique inselberg’s that protrude the reserve.
Niassa covers more than 42,000 square kilometers and is home to some of the largest populations of lion and African wild dog known to man.The opportunity to witness wild dog roam the open plains and sparse woodlands of the reserve by moonlight is a truly unique and unforgettable experience.
As well as African wild dog, the area boasts a sable antelope population of over 12,000, an elephant population of 16,000, over 400 bird species, and large populations of Cape buffalo, impala, wildebeest, zebra and leopards. The area has three endemic species - the Niassa wildebeest, Boehm's zebra, and Johnston's Impala that can all be viewed as part of the Moonlight Safari experience.
Daytime activities include anything from canoeing the mighty Lugenda River to scaling the inselbergs of Niassa an experience that is unique to this reserve. 

Game drives at dawn also allow guests the opportunity to view the numerous wildlife during hunting hours. Whilst walking safaris allow guests to discover all the local historical rock art that has been seen by very few.
There are eight luxury tents within the reserve offering discreet and private accommodation, each with its own patio deck with wide-angle views. The tents have a solid substructure and are disguised to blend beautifully into the natural surrounds whilst offering every modern comfort - from king-size beds to en-suite bathrooms with bath and shower, double basins, ceiling fans, personal safes and hairdryers.
The encampment includes an elegant timber and thatched guest area, a shady refuge from the African sun - a place to dine, enjoy a refreshing beverage or read through books on the region's fascinating history.,d.ZGU&psig=AFQjCNFPn__Upu3Fl1cXJGT_4q5hSpkUTw&ust=1401878956316665

*Full Moon Tour 1
10 – 15 July 2014 (5 tents, 10 clients)
Arrival 10 July
Departure 15 July
*Canoe trip pending river levels
*Full Moon Tour 2
04 – 09 November 2014 (5 tents, 10 clients)
Arrival 04 Nov
Departure 09 Nov
Full Moon Tour 3
02 – 07 December 2014 (5 tents, 10 clients)
Arrival 02 Dec
Departure 07 Dec
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