In a world of convenience and time driven product delivery we are often swayed by the quickest, easiest and most readily available products ... these are not always the healthiest or best choices.

I was recently spoilt with a fabulous Karen Murrell lipstick by Infinity Skin Care , this brand was a toatally new experience for me as it is relatively new in South Africa. What peaked my interest is the natural Ethos behind the brand , the wonderful and spicy smell and the amazing packaging.

When asked what colour I would like to try? I went for something totally out of my comfort zone , a light peachy pink called Peony Petals.



So here is what I thought ...

Packaging - 
I love the packaging , the boxes are pretty and vintage looking , whilst the lipstick comes in a fabulous black tube with the company slogan ' nothing nasty touches my lips' , the box lid indicates the colour of the lipstick contained is fabulous

Fragrance - 
hot spicy cinnamon ...I love love love it!

Texture - 
Is smooth and coats the lip well the product has a natural base with ingredients such as , Avocado , Jojoba and Castor Oils. I must be honest however and say that this is not the most hydrating lipstick and it is definitely not buttery in texture or appearance.

Efficacy - 
I have enjoyed wearing the product , it's staying power is medium to light , it does not transfer onto mugs etc. but wears off quite quickly. For a green product it is great and I will definitely continue using the product
(there is another shade I would love to try too) but this is not a lipstick for me in winter when my lips are dry.

I love the purity of this product as well as the fun and quirky packaging with cute info such as ...
' A woman consumes an average of nearly two kilograms of lipstick/lipbalm in her lifetime ....'

For more info visit Infinity Skin Care

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