The modern day woman has started to out perform herself not only in appearance but also in life expectancy, be this as it may one small thing remains the same and unchanged ...hormones ...We have hormones and they fluctuate for a multitude of reasons.

To quote Dr. Fred of the Health Renewal Clinics in South Africa 'the skin is like the dashboard of a car, it informs you of what in going on inside of the body, indicating to the driver (you) that there is something wrong with the car' - in other words the symptom (dashlight) verses problem ( car malfunctioning).

Many of us ladies choose to treat the the symptoms of our bodies distress these days, in place of searching for the root or cause of a problem and in the end we are in fact only taking a short cut at the cost of our own physical health.

Whilst our life expectancy has almost doubled today in comparison to that of  one hundred years ago, women are still experiencing menopause from the average age of about 50 years of age. This means that many women these days live in a hormone 'deprived' state for far longer periods of time, this has consequences on our health, quality of life , supplementary needs.

What exactly is the role of hormones in the body then?
Hormones are chemical messengers which are used by the body to  to regulate normal functions such as growth , immune system , reproduction and metabolism. Any imbalances in these systems will result in an adverse reaction and/ or condition in the body.

Which hormones feature most prominently?
Estrogen - Is predominantly female hormone responsible for reproduction , collagen production , skin thickness , wrinkle formation and skin moisture levels, pigmentation and aging. In general these help us to maintain a youthful appearance.
Testosterone - Is a male predominant hormone which is responsible for hair growth , thicker and oily skin and even adult acne. (Please note women do have small increments of this hormone too)
Thyroid Hormones - Are responsible for the metabolism , breathing , body temperature regulation
, muscle strength and bone health.

Maintaining a good healthy balance of hormones is vital, it is therefore important to note that hormone imbalances may stem from the gut and therefore it is highly recommended that you have a total body consultation and health assesment with a medical professional. I personally prefer one of the many doctors at Health Renewal Clinic.
My reason? Each component of the Skin / Body / Health Renewal Clinics group has doctors and practitioners that are specialists in their chosen field. By Health Renewal Clinic having a team of specialists they can integrate info, test results and discuss the best path of treatment and/ or diagnosis for you as an individual (a bespoke treatment if you will).

Bowel health is just as important as a symptom, the malfunctioning gut can influence hormones and many skin diseases are closely linked to the gut.Organs in the body which are overloaded and taxed such as the liver  can also cause reactions in the body. In treating the cause or root of your bodies ilness it is important to bear in mind that illogical individuality means you need personal assessment and care, not just a 'all for one and one for all' course of  predetermined treatment..

Health Renewal Clinics believe that we should not follow the trend of trying to treat symptoms and make sick people better. Health centres and doctors should rather be making people be as well as possible prior to getting chronically ill.
Recent survey's have shown the the Skin / Body / Health Renewal Clinic's client average age is now early thirty's, where previously it was over 40's indicating that in general we are far more aware of our health and trying to slow down the ageing of out bodies..
Health Renewal will provide you with a 'bespoke' and unique treatment, thus looking to consult you as an individual who is uniquely you.

Book a consultation today for  R975 at The Health Renewal Clinic (* t&c apply, this fee is not inclusive of all tests required) 

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