I'm not sure about you but I am a natural blonde and the one thing I hate is when my brows disappear. The brows are actually what frames your face , they give you expression and they make your eyes stand out!

It goes without saying then that you do not want to have huge 'caterpillars' for brows but rather nice and neatly shaped sleek brows. 

Once they have been shaped we need to ensure that they are defined and dark enough .... enter Revlon's Brow Fantasy ...

This dual ended product consists of a 2-step perfectly coordinated brow pencil and gel. 

  •  The pencil defines and fills in with soft blendable natural colour that wears for hours. 
  • A tinted gel that styles, shapes and sets brows.
It comes in the following shades : Dark Blonde, Brunette, Dark Brown, Light Brown


  • Easy to use two-step brow product which styles and fills with blendable colour and then sets brows with a tinted gel, shaping them for a well groomed, polished look that lasts all day.

  • Small brow brush provides better control and application.

  • Beautifully groomed brows are an important part of any total eye look and gives a finished, polished frame around eyes.

Revlon's Brow Fantasy will hit the shelves in South Africa in August
Retails ZAR 120.00

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