I consider myself to be truly blessed in the way that I get to experience lovely events , launches and tastings and no, I do not take these for granted at all!
Every now and then I get to meet someone who makes an unintentional impact on my life (such as Nina) , I am always humbled by bloggers who are 'masters' of their chosen craft(cooking) as well as blogging ...  in other words those personalities who when you meet them, have no 'airs and graces' but are just plain down to earth people, who are humble and friendly to all.

Nina Timm is the epitome of the above persona , I had the pleasure of meeting Nina at a restaurant Menu Tasting and what a lovely person. I enjoyed Nina's company so much that I thought you might like to get to meet her too (well that is if you haven't already)....
Nina started off her journey by blogging her fabulous recipes and has since established herself as a well known member of the 'Foodie' community, with her lovely blog ' Easy Cooking From Nina's Kitchen'. Nina soon stood apart from the crowd and after being featured on RSG( Radio Sonder Grense) and came to have her own show on RSG Radio 'Kuberkok' or Cyberchef. Nina is also an accomplished Author with her own recipe book in print (believe me this is on my wishlist and should be on yours too) and is currently working on book number 2...
So let's get to know Nina a little better together shall we ....

What catapulted you into the world of food blogging and has influenced your
journey thus far?
My husband introduced me quite forcefully into the world of blogging when he forgot
my birthday in 2007. He stayed up all night and started a blog for me. Needless to say,
my response was somewhat horrible. Anyway, I soon got the hang of it and now, it is
like breathing..... such an essential part of me!

The help and kindness I receive from other bloggers, writers and photographers along
the way, inspire me to this day!

How has blogging affected your career and your family life?
Blogging can become very addictive. If you write/blog for the wrong reasons, it will
always affect you in a negative way. It is important to stay real and remember what is
really important - in my case, hubby, family, friends and my faith!

Tell us a little about your blog and the journey of presenting a show on RSG
My blog www.my-easy-cooking.com is really a collection of easy, do-able, affordable
and delicious recipes. I love to inspire and empower people ( yes even the novices) to
put their aprons on and start cooking. My journey on RSG, was purely by grace and it is
almost 4 years now! I am known as the Kuberkok ( Cyberchef) and showcase new
blogs, websites and interesting clips from cyberspace. we are on every Thursday
morning just after 9 www.rsg.co.za

Being a blogger is challenging what motivates you and keeps you going?
Blogging requires discipline and dedication! I have built up a following through the
years and now I feel I have a responsibility towards them.... they expect their recipes in
their inboxes every week! I am always inspired my seasons, fresh produce and happy

What has been your biggest learning curve in adapting recipes and photography
to a blogging platform?
All recipes that I post are tested and tested again, after all, it is the food my family
have for supper most nights. I have learned to cook with a little note book, every taste
and every ml of salt is recorded. People will stop coming to your site, once your recipes
flop. Remember, people spend time and money cooking our recipes, make sure it is
good. Photography...... aaaaahhh, I am still learning!

What do you love most about sharing the fabulous recipes you develop?
Come supper time every night, I get little sms photographs of people enjoying my
recipes.... I love it and it inspires me to never stop. Developing recipes for companies
has the perks of working with quality ingredients.

Do you consider yourself a Chef, Foodie, Blogger, Recipe developer or all of the
above, and why?
You could say, I am all of the above, but at heart, I am just a mom who likes cooking
and like my mom and gran, I love to share the recipes with others.

Do you have any advice for aspiring foodies and food bloggers ‘out there’?
If you have a unique voice and your have a interesting story to tell, start blogging.
There is no money to be made in blogging, so you have to be driven with passion. Do
your homework regarding blogging platforms, picking a name and SEO before you
start! Stay humble and ask for advise!

Who is your food icon and why?
Jenny Morris and Abigail Donnelly - I have such admiration for them and they were the
first two foodie heroes to give me some advice and time. I will forever be grateful to

Please share with us a few of your favourite food bloggers from around the
Local Milk
Cannelle et Vanille
Drizzle and dip
Simply Delicious

If you could choose to feature any recipe on my blog today, what would it be
and why?

Definitely a crispy pork belly with stuffed apple. I love the robust flavors and the
crackling is very hard to resist.

If you could have a one minute dash in any store you choose, which would you
choose and why?

I will always run for the meat counter first - I am a carnivore at heart. Next isle would
be the cheese isle and maybe the bakery. Appliances if there are any, but I probably
have too many already!

What does the future hold for Nina Timm and your blog?
The blog is always changing, we are busy adding a video feature to the blog. I am also
working on the concept for my 2nd cookbook!

So by now you have worked up an appetite I hope, wait till you see this? 

Nina has kindly shared two of her current favourite Winter Warming recipes with us ...
PORK BELLY - Click Here

What a treat it has been to meet Nina and get to know her a little better , as you can see with Nina life is a very yummy journey indeed.

Thank you to Nina for taking the time out of your busy schedule to share a little something of yourself with us. You can find more on Nina, her fabulous recipes , blog and show on the following ...

Blog link: www.my-easy-cooking.com
Facebook: My Easy Cooking
Twitter: @ninatimm
Instagram: easycooking

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