Yes I fell for the all the hype around 'Me & My Ice-Cream' Limited Edition from ESSENCE COSMETICS ... and NO I am not sorry!

You see I invested in the Lip Balm , the Nail Polish and also the fabulous scented Ice-Cream Hand Wipes.
So here is what I thought ...

Fragrance - 
Is heavenly , it smells like yummy ice cream on a hot summers day. I love this and would buy them in a heart beat again's any vanilla addicts dream wipe.

Packaging - 
Is great , practical in size for a handbag and pretty pastel shade to boot.

Efficacy - 
They are functional hand wipes , they are small but great for little 'in-betweeners' and they smell divine.

Retail approximately ZAR15.00

ME & MY ICE CREAM - LIP BALM 02 (Icylicious)
Fragrance -
Is heavenly , it smells like yummy vanilla ice cream. I think I sat sniffing this all day when I bought it ( and have been doing so now ...tee hee)

Packaging - 
Is pretty vanilla and apricot coloured alternating prettiness. It comes in the usual twist up tube for lip balms and lipsticks.

Efficacy - 
It is a typical buttery lip product , for me not overly hydrating but yummy smelling.

Retail approximately ZAR 20.00

ME & MY ICE CREAM - NAIL POLISH IN 'Always on my mint'
Texture - 
 Is medium consistency , it applies well with minimal streaking and two coats gives a lovely soft
pastel cover.

Packaging - 
Is a chubby bottle of pastel green nail polish with an ever so slight pearlescent shimmer. The application brush is a full brush.

Efficacy - 
It is a lovely soft pastel nail polish and I was super impressed with the even and consistent coverage. The nail polish gave me four days wear before it started to show tip wear.

Retail approximately ZAR 30.00

I absolutely enjoyed all my purchases from this Limited Edition range of  ESSENCE COSMETICS

I am not convinced I would buy the Lip Balm again if it was available in all honesty but as for the Hand Wipes and the Nail Polish they were fabulous!

** Disclosure Ranking 1 -  (Please refer to my disclosure ranking below for more insight)