I recently received a bottle of the brand new and rather spiffy looking Mio Liquid Yoga Bath Soak with it's catchy name and cute promises I was intrigued indeed. I am not naturally a bath person you see , give me a shower and I'm like 'Miss Piggy in a mud puddle', but a  bath well thats a whole new experience for me?

Brave the bath is exactly what I did ..... 
I turned on the taps and as the clouds of steams started billowing, I poured in my one 'glug' as prescribed. The heavenly aroma began to pervade every nook and cranny of the top floor of my duplex .... Eucalyptus , Lavender and more ( cue the angel choir)....

The time had arrived ......


So what did I think ...

Packaging - 
I love the trendy, fun packaging in bright and happy colours. The Mio Liquid Yoga comes packaged in a chubby glass bottle which attests to the purity of the Essential Oils contained within ( pure essential oils corrode plastic over time).
This is a bottle I am proudly displaying in my bathroom.

Texture - 
This is a superfine blue tinged oil that disperses in the water but does not emulsify. It is a fabulous consistency which is not overly oily.

Fragrance -
Oh my word! This is just 'heaven in a bottle', from the minute the oil hits the warm water, you are just enveloped in the most amazing aroma that continuously changes as the different essential oils release according to their evaporation points. It is a multifaceted and complex blend which just takes your mind to another planisphere.

Efficacy - 
Firstly the fact that this product actually got me into a bath speaks volumes alone, outside of that, well I had the best nights sleep in weeks. My house smelt like heaven and I am now planning a 'date night' with my bath at least once a week.

I really am super impressed with this product and would rank it on a par with Aromatherapy Associates  and Elemis.... for the aromatherapy connoisseur this is a must.

The Active Ingredients include the following:
- Epsom Salts : for detox , releives cramping and aids blood circulation
- V Tonic : a trademarked blend of Aromatherapy oils incl. Menthol , Citrus , Cypress and lavender oils.
- Sage & Basil : For circulation and increasing oxygen
- Murumuru Butter : super hudrating, nourishing and moisturising
- Arnica : to sooth and restore
- Andiroba Oil : to ease muscle aches and pains

A glance at more of the Mio range
These products come with most amazing inserts which have loads of fun and helpful information , for example with the LIQUID YOGA :
- Yoga poses
- Healthy eating guidelines
- Relaxation advice etc.

So what's next on my wishlist?

For  more info contact:
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