I had such a laugh when my friend Leana over at Hipstyler, Pretty & Ginger received a KONJAC SPONGE to review a little while ago. Leana is an avid Spongebob Square Pants fan and it would therefore stand to reason that she decided to name her little sponge 'squishy'.

So in honour of Leana, my little sponge shall be called 'pudding' cause it looks like 'a little baked pudding'.

So here's what I thought ...

Packaging -
It comes packaged in a very clean  line and highly attractive plastic pouch with a transparent window making your squishy little sponge highly visible. Tha packaging is practical, right down to the cute string on the sponge to hang it up in between use.

Fragrance -
There is none.

Texture -
It is super soft , squishy and so lovely on the skin. It is the hardest thing to explain as the KONJAC SPONGE is not firm , but almost wobbly when wet ...

Efficacy - The first time I put this little natural fibre KONJAC SPONGE to my face it was love , I mean the 'hook line and sinker' kinda love. It is soft , squishy and ever so gentle on the skin and the minute you look at it after washing your face, you can see the dead skin , make up and dirt ...until you rinse it under water and it is good as new again.

The KONJAC SPONGE originates from the Far East and is a natural fibrous sponge derived from Konjac potatoes or the Latin name 'amorphophallus Konjac', these vegetables look more like a root or bulb if you ask me? Konjac potatoes are native to Asia having been used by the Japanese as sponges for over a century.
konjac potato
The active ingredients which offer added benefits are natural clays such as French Red Clay , French Pink Clay , French Green Clay , Bamboo and Charcoal .... each clay has a natural function benefiting a specific skin type. There is however an 100% KONJAC SPONGE with no added ingredients.

The unique features are as follows:

  • 100% Natural vegetable Fibre
  • Exfoliating
  • Naturally Deep Cleansing
  • Removes Water based Make-Up
  • Suitable for Daily Use
  • 100% Biodegradable
  • 100% Colouring Free
  • Soft & Gentle
  • pH balanced
  • Kind to You & Kind to the Environment

This little piece of heaven retails for ZAR 220

You can purchase it online at Infinity Skin Care
Twitter - @Infinity_SkinSA

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