It's no secret that I am a huge fan of tea .... yes those little bits of greenery that look like nothing but can make the most aromatic hot drink.

My all time favourites are the unique and exotic ......the fun gadgets , silk tea bags, the glass tea pots  and the bone china .... yep the whole kaboodle!

You have already had some insight into one of my fabulous finds in the world of tea ... yes, none other than The Tea Merchant and so today I share with you another favourite LADY BONIN'S TEA , CARAVAN & TEA PARLOUR
What first intrigued me about Lady Bonin's Tea Caravan was the rather fun , colourful and whimsical appearance of a modern day 'tea toting gypsy wagon'. I love the way the caravan is perched for the day and then out of her belly arrives a whole array of soft, plush cushions to make up cute nooks and little sitting areas ...

Step on up to her 'flap up' window, order your favourite tea-based beverage from the fabulous LADY BONIN herself and have a seat on the soft and comfy seating areas whilst your tea is brewed and hand delivered ... such a treat!

Besides being totally unique and original LADY BONIN'S TEA, TEA PARLOUR & CARAVAN were groundbreakers in the new and ever growing trade of Food Trucks.
“The caravan began as a dream, and that dream has continued to expand. I never reach the “go-to” place because the goal posts keep shifting.” – Lady Bonin

LADY BONIN describes her Tea Parlour as follows ' Lady Bonin's Tea Parlour began out of a 1975 JurgensCaravan serving take-away tea. It was Cape Town’s first Food Truck and the world’s first mobile tearoom. The caravan was a solution to limited funds as it had minimal risk and few fixed overheads. The concept of take-away tea was at the time, unexplored. The tea industry in South Africa was underdeveloped.'

Personally I just love this concept, it speaks to all that is still contained within me, straining to get out as I still find myself encased in an office daily.

LADY BONIN recently launched a retail offering of these unique tea blends of loose leaf tea's with aromatic herbs & spices and every so often a fruity delight. I was lucky enough to win a blend or two over on POPCORNCANDI.COM  and I thought I would share them with you ...

Rooibos , Lavender and Strawberry Blend - 
This has become my all time favourite tea before bed. It is so enchanting to see the lovely lavender blossoms , slivers of strawberry and rooibos all combined together , add a little hot water and this becomes a symphony of pure relaxation in a cup.

Handy Hints - Tip out the dregs from your infuser immediately as the strawberry bits become squidgy after steeping.

I will definitely be buying this blend again and again and again ....
Retails at ZAR 54.00

Red Choc Chili Chai - 
I love this super spicy chai blend with it's cocoa yumminess , I have recently gone off sugar and I found initially when I was craving my usual milky ceylon tea drenched in sugar that this blend sans any sugar would soon take away my cravings.
It is warming , chocolatey with a little hint of heat .... a real treat for the chai tea lover.

Handy Hint - 
You need a good infuser for this blend as it's quite a chunky blend and I found quite few 'bits' escaped my infuser (time for a new one me thinks!)

I loved this blend and will revisit it , but I still have another chai favourite at the moment.
Retails at ZAR 65.00 for

LADY BONIN has a TEA PARLOUR / CARAVAN and ONLINE STORE , please visit and show her some love, South Africa could do with more entrepreneurs like her.

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