Ah the good old South African 'Takkie' there is nothing quite like it! As far back as I can remember I have loved TOMY TAKKIES.

I love nothing more than wearing a pair of jeans and my comfy takkies ... feels like heaven. 
(Shhhhh, yes those are my feet)
We were lucky enough to receive a pair of these fabulous sneakers at the #CapeTownBloggersMeet sometime back and I have been holding out for the cooler weather to make the most of these lovelies. 

Talk about nostalgia and a walk down memory lane , I used to wear my Tommies until they were so faded they turned a paler shade of grey (they were black once). They just seemed to go on forever ...almost as if they were an extension of me. TOMY TAKKIES are still to this day affordable , durable and as comfortable as ever.

TOMY TAKKIES now come in a variety of colors, styles and even high tops (yes I would love a pair) , here are some of the TOMY TAKKIES that are on my wishlist ...see below

Tomy Takkies are still made by BATA shoes and you can find a store in most of the larger shopping malls in South Africa, do not be fooled however as they are now available WORLDWIDE.
For more info visit HERE

For good quality takkies do yourself a favor and invest in some today.

**This is not a sponsored post, products were supplied for review purposes, however  the opinions on the featured suppliers/brands is my own.