Being a beauty therapist and Aromatherapist myself I am always drawn to the natural plant essential oils. The floral kingdom offers such a wealth of plants that can heal us in the most natural way possible ...through smell and touch.

Aromatic Apothecary have been around for many years, with quality products that are effective , natural and affordable to boot...

The Aromatic Apothecary is the brain child of  Doryce and Clive Sher , a true testimony to how succesful following your dreams can become ..

The first products were made in 1992 and were sold personally at craft markets. Over the years, the informal trading turned into a rapidly growing venture and by December 1996, Aromatic Apothecary was formalised.
Trading continued for two years from a barrow (wagon like structures) at the famous Victoria & Alfred Waterfront in Cape Town. In 1998, the first Aromatic Apothecary shop in South Africa opened . Aromatic Apothecary is currently trading from a kiosk at the V&A Waterfront and at the Gateway Shopping Mall in Durban.
Aromatic Apothecary supplies more than three hundred health shops and pharmacies making up the highly successful wholesale side of the business.

Today I wish to share a fabulous new innovation called the SCENTSTATION , for those of you whom love aromatherapy burners this will be a whole new mindset ...why?
No candles are required , no salts , no water ...just the Essential Oil blends and this cute little ceramic Scentstation.


Here is what I thought ...

Packaging - 
The Scentstation comes neatly packaged in an easy to use , easy to store box. It has a lovely long electrical cord which allows you to place this little 'burner' in whichever little nook you choose. It comes fitted with an on/off lampshade type switch, this means that you don't have to keep plugging and unplugging or stretching into hard to reach corners.

There is a choice of colors , so make sure to indicate your preference when ordering online, failure to do so will result in you receiving the standard white burner.

Fragrance - 
There is a whole range of blended burner oils or Aromatherapy oils that you can choose from. I received the WAKE UP & FOCUS as well as the SILENT MOMENTS ( I will review these at a later stage). I must say that everyone in my office is addicted to the Wake Up & Focus resulting in my now having to travel with my Scentstation back and forth from home.
Efficacy - 
This burner is truly a dream come true as far as 'fragrance burners' go , it is thermostatically controlled and therefore there are no worries about fires , over heating or any other typical burner night mares. I have found the Wake Up & Focus truly does help with concentration and especially mental alertness.
The Silent Moments on the other hand is loaded with my favourite blue Roman Chamomile , a few drops and I can really feel the days tension just ease away slowly.

I truly am still a therapist at heart and this product has just once again ignited my passion for aromatherapy , do yourselves a favour and invest in a Scentstation and Burner Oil suited to your emotional needs ... it will bring calm and balance into your home ... a gift from nature.

Taking care of this product is as easy as wiping it out with a tissue , there are no salt , crystal and/or water required at all.

On a humorous note - 
A little humorous note is that my white cat (Mischka) loves mint and every time I burn the Wake Up & Focus at home you can time it to exactly 5 minutes and he starts running around , playing and chasing my other kitty (Tiger). Aromatherapy not only works on us but on our pets too ... mint is Mischka's 'Red Bull' tee hee. 

**This is not a sponsored post, products were supplied for review purposes, however  the opinions on the featured suppliers/brands is my own.