It's no secret that I love Revlon's cosmetics  , I have recently reviewed a few it the REVLON PARFUMERIE nail enamel collection. Today I will be reviewing another of these gorgeous scented little numbers in a more natural/nude shade.
So here is what I thought ...

Fragrance -
This enamel belongs to the 'fruits & florals collection' and thus has no definite perfume but a rather light scented smell. I can't really say it made a huge impression on me but it certainly is not unpleasant.

Packaging -
I know I have mentioned this previously , the bottle are super cute and appealing. I would love to have a whole shelf with one in every colour ... However this little bulbous lid is not easy to hold and apply the nail polish.

Texture -
For the first time in this range I did not enjoy the application of this product at all , it applies unevenly. It took three coats for me to get an even cover and with my OCD even then I was not really happy.

Efficacy -
No this product was not effective for me in giving an even cover and because I had to apply so many coats to get it even it took an eternity to dry. When it did eventually dry every time I bumped it , it made a mark or impression ...not cool at all!

So in my books this will sadly not be a re-purchase this time :(

**This is not a sponsored post . The opinions on the featured suppliers/brands is my own.