My how time flies and it is once again it's nail tutorial time and this month The from Madness Nails is once again going to Wow! us with her talent.

Over to Thea ....enjoy
Hi Femme lovelies!

It’s my turn again this month for some naily knowledge (aaah, if only nails started with an “K”) or actually, a nail art tutorial. I have a huge love for the quirky, odd things in life so when I saw these cute little owls I just knew I had to try and do some nail art inspired by it. So without further ado, let’s get to it shall we?
Loving Owls

Tools Used:
- 2 Different sized Dotting Tools or any homemade dotting tool of your choice (hair pin, needle head, etc.)
- Ring Binder Hole Enforcers
- Small thin nail art brush

Polishes Used (over the whole mani):
- Sinful Colors Snow Me White
- Sinful Colors Sweet Nothing
- China Glaze Make An Entrance
- Nubar Hot Blue 

1. Start by laying down a protective base coat of your choice. When this is dry, lay down 2 coats of white polish. (Hey, I started my previous tutorial with that exact same line!)

2.When this is properly dry, lay down the Ring Binder Hole Enforcer over the cuticle part of your nail as shown in the pictorial. Tip: Stick the enforcer against your skin beforehand so it takes the excess stickiness off. I also cut the one side of the enforcer because I have odd shaped cuticles so then I can manipulate it to lay nice and plush against my nail.

3. Lay down a coat of the teal polish over the top half of your nail, pulling off the enforcer immediately. This will ensure a nice crisp line but if it did go a bit wobbly, simply take a thin nail art brush and touch it up with your base colour like I did.

4.Using a bigger sized dotting tool and your white polish, make 2 dots on your nail close to the half moon line to start your owl’s eyes.

5. The next step is a 2 parter. First, take your smallest sized dotting tool and make 2 lil dots inside the white of the eyes with your black polish.  Then second, using a thin nail art brush (or liquid eyeliner brush. It’s what I use) and the black polish, make a small triangle shape in the middle of the owl’s body for its beak.

6. Last but not least, use the small thin nail art brush and your white polish and make little zig zag-like shapes on the owls body as shown in the pictorial. Finish it off with a coat of your favourite top coat and you are ready to go!
This is a very fun mani for when you’re feeling a bit adventurous but if you prefer to keep it simple and classy, simply do Steps 1 – 3 with a glitter or shimmer polish as your base and a crème polish as your top half and you have an instant halfmoon mani! Always a winner!

Thank you Heather for letting me into your home again! It’s always a huge honour! Now let me go and ponder over what I will do for you next time. 

Till July, Lots of love and hugs...


It's always a pleasure having Thea feature here and I do hope you loved this tutorial as much as I did.