By now you all know my hair woes , I have wild and wooley locks that are dry , frizz for nothing. You can imagine my joy at discovering that DAVINE'S have just launched a new REPLUMPING treatment , tha name alone sounds decadent .........yes please!

Here is a little temptation for you too ...

Fabulous Packaging -
but wait till you hear the actions of the ingredients ....

Phytoceuticals in other words they are biologically active compounds found only in plants, that protect also human body systems.

Plum extract, rich in polyphenols and flavonoids, precious antioxidant substances that react against free radicals and have a toning and elasticizing action

Hyaluronic acid: strong hydration properties and protects the hair from mechanical and environmental stress

Petitgrain:  with a replumping action
Their actions are:

Indicated for: All hair types
Replumping and elasticizing For more body, elasticity and silky effect on the hair

The new "wise" recipe of Davines Naturaltech line is
elasticising and hydrating for all hair types.
The formula contains; phytoceuticals extracted from plums,
rich in polyphenols and flavonoids that carry out an
antioxidant action fighting free radicals and cellular ageing,
and hyaluronic acid, which draws inspiration from the
methodology of "fillers" to restore lost elasticity.

REPLUMPING MOISTURISING TREATMENT ZAR200 (not too expensive at all!)

Step 1: REPLUMPING SHAMPOO (Maximum 10ml is
applied to scalp&hair, massaged gently, rinsed&repeated if
necessary, then hair is towel dried)

Step 2: REPLUMPING CONDITIONER (Maximum 10ml is
applied to mid-lengths & ends if needed, left for 2-3 mins,
then combed through and rinsed)

(Maximum 30ml is applied to all the washed, conditioned (if
needed) and towel dried hair, left for 10 mins, then rinsed)

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