I love beauty products that deliver on their promises, more importantly those with which I see immediate results. Today I have decided to share some of my personal favourites.... products which are always and will always be in my bathroom.

For the eye area , I love the soothing and calming Ultra Calming Eye Serum from Dermalogica. Not only can you smell the lavender when you pump some on your finger, but it also has a soothing and smoothing action it disappears into the skin ...This little product is great for those itchy eye and hay fever days.
My other personal favourite is the Filorga's Time Filler for Eyes. I am edging towards forty this year and for me it is important to keep the lines at bay , to plump up the under eye area and lift the brows ... this nifty number does all of these, but with one product and their unique patented cocktail of ingredients.

For the neck , did you know that your head weighs more than 10kg's (yep more than a sack of potatoes) and this weight rests on your neck supported by the shoulders , add gravity into the equation and suddely it is no wonder the neck ages so quickly. I always look for a product that is light weight , leaves no residue but rather lifts, fills and tightens the skin on both my neck and chest area. Filorga's Skin Structure which is a serum in a dropper bottle has done the above and so much more. This product has almost completely eliminated the lines on my chest, lines that have been caused by how I sleep ... this product has truly left me in awe.
Dermaquest have a fabulous product too, this product I alternate with the Skin Structure , it is called Peptide Facial Recovery Serum. This product is an everyday lift and booster , it leaves my skin soft , smooth and plumps up those lines ...I love it!

For the face , I require three things from my face products firstly a clean skin, secondly a lifting and plumping action and thirdly but so importantly for me, is a matte finish to my skin. I have a combination skin , yes ... even at almost forty and nothing frustrates me more than a greasy shiny skin. For cleansing I love , love , love Dermalogica's Precleanse Wipes ...they are every woman's 'dream clean'.
For my lifting , plumping and mattifying requirements, I have an all in one solution in Filorga's Time Filler Mat ( I might have to harm someone if ever they remove this product from the market). These two products ensure that my skin stays smooth , my pores refined and my wrinkles are at a minimum ...fabulous!

For the nose , and yes only for the nose ( my face is too hairy otherwise...tee hee) I use the Freeman Peel Off Facial Mask, in Lemon. I apply this to my nose when masking my face, it applies as a gel and dries to 'a peel off skin like transparent film', which deep cleanses the pores. I usually get this from my local Dis-Chem Pharmacy and it is highly affordable.

For my lips , I have a passionate dislike for the 'pucker' lines around my mouth, these are expression lines and they bother me no end. For these lines I use the QMS Lip Line Corrector a product that has significantly reduced these lines , plumping up and repairing the skin as well as preventing future lines ... this is my new 'best friend'. For healthy lips , a plump pout and improved circulation you might want to try the Dermaquest C-Lipoic Lip Enhancer. This product smells like Pina Colada , applies like a balm and brings your lips to a warm (yes it actually makes your lips heat up) pink glow. The smell is addictive and I love that it evens out my lip colour, I use this on my 'no make up' days ... a firm favourite.

So there you have it , my favourites all in one place.

**This is not a sponsored post . The opinions on the featured suppliers/brands is my own.