If you had ever been to one of our famous family breakfast gatherings you would know that we share many a joke about the humble and healthy egg ...in our family ..die poephol vrug ( for those of you overseas directly translated mean 'fruit of the bottom').

This fabulous protein packed orb is used in many a dish and is ever popular for it's versatility in creating breakfast delights.

Having been spoilt and sampled some of Protea Fire & Ice's decadent menu, I am excited to share the latest innovation from this fun and vibey hotel...

Protea Fire & Ice (Cape Town) have now taken the Master of the Egg or as we know them 'Chefs' and crowned them with a whole new identity, that of ... EGGSPERTS...


So what is an Eggspert? 
It’s like an egg ninja or egg whisperer – only better. It’s the person standing behind the breakfast grill at Protea Hotel Fire & Ice! who can draw a spatula faster than John Wayne. The Eggspert has the mammoth task of flipping, mixing and boiling over 300 eggs every morning during breakfast service with ninja hands flying, and still deliver best service.

It is rumoured ...
The Eggspert knows more ways to cook eggs than Chuck Norris has karate kicks

Sharing is caring and so the Eggsperts from Protea Fire & Ice collectively agreed to share the knowledge they swore they would take to their graves with Protea Hotel Fire & Ice! For example how to test if an egg is fresh, and the little-known fact that hens don’t like to lay eggs in the dark. Or how about the startling fact that scrambled eggs have more calories than fried? Shocking I know!

Protea Fire & Ice have never been known to conform to the so called 'norm' and they are not about to start now, if you have no idea what I am talking about ... give them a visit and check out the shark cage lifts or loose yourself in the 2m tall silver wing back chairs.

Join Protea Fire & Ice for breakfast and meet the team whom you can identify by their crisp red piped, white uniforms (with the word Eggspert helpfully written on the front), they will be on hand during each breakfast service to provide omelettes as fluffy as little clouds and eggs poached to perfection

So that leaves the final thought ...the question that has plagued humankind since the beginning of time – what came first, the chicken or the egg?

Booking & Info here ....
CAPE TOWN FIRE & ICE (Protea Hotels)
New Church Street, Tamboerskloof,
Cape Town 8018
T: +27 (0) 21 488 2555

Bon Apetit
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