This past weekend I had the opportunity to attend my first DECOREX EXPO , I was excited and really looking forward to the event after promising myself to attend the last four years without any success.

The CTICC was abuzz with people on the day , here is a little tour ...

First up was the most beautiful stand which had gorgeous Artisan Rugs by MAE RUGS on display not only on the floor but as beautiful wall hangings. I loved the vibrant colours , the fact that each is unique and hancrafted ...masterpieces if you will.
Mae Artisan Rugs -  - Tel:021 461 2024

Moving along we came to one of the award winning stands 'AFRICAN SKETCHBOOK', which I must say was rather breathtaking with it's subdued shades and it's hand painted fabrics ... the ambiance surrounding this stand was amazing.
African Sketchbook -  - Tel: 021 715  6025

Next up on our meander through the stands was the vintage looking (love it!) looking TRADE SECRET stand which had $ displays "rooms" making up their stand. Each display a different room with a unique look and feel to it.
Not the most exciting but pretty none the less ...
Trade Secret -  - Tel: 021 447 1186

I was drawn to the next stand by the most vibrant hues of red , orange and yellow in this rather unique lighting display by HAND CRAFTED LIGHTING. The display was an impressive array of sturdy , handcrafted lamps and chandeliers.
Hand Crafted Lighting  - Te: 021 853 2555

Next mumsy and I had a good giggle as we came across a lovely stand of the most beautiful mosaic artwork for walls and floors, incl. a rather unique mosaic incorporating computer keys. Margie of MOSAICS ETC asked if I was going to make her famous  *followed by a round of giggles from all three of us* and I said I sure would try ...wink wink!
Mosaics Etc.  - Tel: 0872 856 0502

I am an avid crafter and creative at heart ,I love anything that I can do with my hands and as such I have a huge appreciation for unique 'one of a kind' pieces. These gorgeous ceramic hand moulded lamps of indigenous flora had me totally intrigued as I listened to the history behind the company of a woman's bold step of what what she loves over the daily grind.Check out YILA SOPHIA her creations are gorgeous.
Yila Sophia  -   Tel:082 2232 662

Here's my ode to africa in two parts ...
Part one -  The most awesome wirework you will ever see , I fell in love with these bunnies and could scarcely drag myself away fro the PROFESSIONAL WIREWORKS stand.
Professional Wireworks   -   Tel: 083 466 5173

Next up was the printed cushion with what looks like 'sketched' or 'wirework' people and a huge red heart ( I love , love love these). The astounding thing is that you can get this printed on cushions , wall paper and well who else knows what? DESIGN TEAM in my books it's an absolute winner!
Design Team   -   Tel: 021 462 7707

Part two - next are these fabulous furniture items made from upcycled tyres , mumsy , dad and I had just been talking about this kind of thing the day before and ...tadaaah (you see dad you can make furniture from tyres) loved this stand featuring OZZYS ECO DECOR.
Ozzys Eco Decor   -   Tel: 083 311 5276

I love these cute items but didn't manage to get the details for you sorry :(

Lastly I came across the fabulous art display by GALERIE SUZANNE ELIZABETH , the painting were colourful , vibrant and attracted the eye instantly , here are a few of the pieces on display ...
Gallerie Suzanne Elizabeth   -   Tel: 082 515 4131

Overall I enjoyed the DECOREX EXPO and wandering around with mumsy , I was shocked at the obvious snobbery at some of the stands (almost as though you got the once over and a 'you can't afford us vibe').

Will I visit again ...honestly I am not sure.

Colourful Kisses
x x x H

**This is not a sponsored post. The opinions on the featured suppliers/brands is my own.