It's not everyday you will see a hand treatment such as this , in fact I have never seen one before and i've been around the block some.

Most hand treatments are either a hand product or a product plus gloves etc etc. Filorga has just launched a fabulous new product called ...

Filorga's Hand Filler - Anti Aging Mask
What makes this a super unique product in my eyes, is the fact that the active ingredients have been infused into the fibre of these fabric gloves. Yes it is true greasy creams ... no sweaty hands ... just warm and snug hands whilst the active ingredients gently assimilate into your skin.

Filorga had the following to say about this fabulous new HAND FILLER ...

'Hand-Filler’s distinctive, opaque treatment gloves have been specifically designed to provide the gradual release of active anti-ageing ingredients, aimed at helping to plump the skin, combat wrinkles, reduce the development of dark spots and strengthen nails. This 30-minute treatment utilises a unique patented process for delivering active ingredients to the targeted areas of the hands. The vector-based micro-system is activated by moisture, body temperature, pH levels and body movement, all of which help to optimise the controlled release of Hand-Filler’s active ingredients. As a result, the uniform release of the ingredients takes place over a period of six to eight hours following the initial contact period with the gloves.'

If you follow me regularly you will know by now that I am a Filorga 'junkie' of note and for good reason ... the results speak for themselves.I recently got a pair of these lovelies to try and here is what I found ...

Fragrance - 
Is not really a significant smell, however your nose will detect that there is something in the gloves    (almost medicinal smelling). You get the same smell once the gloves start warming up on your hands.

Packaging -
Is the sterile and resealable black matte foil pouch, as shown above. It is easy to open and reseal , it works well to store your treasures.

Texture - 
The gloves are a synthetic fibre with the ingredients infused into them , they fit a little too snugly on my podgy fingers (them frenchies are so tiny ..tee hee). The gloves are comfy and don't make your hands overly hot or sweaty ... mine did tingle a little.

Efficacy - 
I have used my gloves twice now , they have made my nails harder and super shiny , I have small cuts on my hands from gardening and they have healed much faster and my skin looks much plumper. So far I am super impressed. For best results these gloves should be worn for 30mins , 3 x per week.

These gloves contain to signature ingredients to Filorga , those being NCTF ( a Patented anti-ageing cocktail) and Hyaluronic Acid ( a natural plumping and filling ingredient). It also contains Axolight to help lighten and lift dark spots (age spots) and Aminostim S which helps care for the nails.

You get 15 uses out of 1 Pair of gloves (amazing I know).  
Retails at ZAR 550.00

For more information visit

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For stockist information contact: (012) 567-1059

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