This past weekend I got to visit THE TASTE OF CAPE TOWN SHOW for the first time , here is a little insight into my afternoon .....
Our visit started off by departing from home on a scorching 32'C afternoon , I had decided to invite mumsy along after spending the majority of the weekend prior with friends.

Here goes ..

After reading many Tweets on the show and entering the fabulous competition run by Candice of  @GorgeousBlog and would you believe it , I actually won! Yay!

Amongst the listed exhibitors were two stands I was really looking forward to visit ...namely THE CREAMERY and WICKED WAFFLES.

I managed to find Wicked Waffles and treated mumsy and I to an Iced Coffee from PURO COFFEE and a waffle ...duh duh dah! ...the drama begins ...

Firstly they had no forks or spoons to eat a waffle with?? (hellooo... we are not cavemen) and in the sweltering heat the cream melted and ran through the corners of the container and all over mumsy and me now I was truly "miffed" not only that, but their prices were exorbitant in comparison to everyone else!

However, I decided to not let this horrid experience ruin our afternoon and so we went on to scout our favourites and then make our next purchases...

** you will note there are no pictures of the waffle as it looked like a disaster.
Loved this little vehicle outside the Puro Coffee stand ...too cute.

So after some scouting in the heat we were once again thirsty and so first on the menu was a cocktail from MIXOLOGY who had collaborated it seemed with CONSOL GLASS ...serving the most awesome looking cocktails ( we were stopped at least twice by people to ask where they could get some) , these were an absolute WINNER!! albeit pricey at 7scoins or ZAR35.

You did however get the jars lid which means you can use it at home , a score anyway.

Food wise, we were not overly hungry and spotted two meals we wanted to try. The first was from the TSOGO SUN called an 'ALL DAY BREAKFAST' marked down to 2 scoins ZAR10 (bargain right!)

It was super delicious and I was tempted to go for seconds but alas, I behaved.

Next we headed off toward our next gastronomical sensory delight and got completely side tracked, first it was mumsy who decided to feel up Jack Daniels knee (naughty mumsy! ...tee hee)
and then ...

DANIELA'S DELICIOUSLY DECADENT MACROONS ...oh my goodness Macaroons!! Sheesh! They were tiny and pricey at 1 scoin ZAR5 for 1 macaroon. However 'a gal has gotta do , what a gal has gotta do' ...they're macaroons! So mumsy and I bought four (the pink one melted ...eeeek!)
For more info visit @DecadentDani

At last we reached our taster no. 2 the CAMISSA BRASSERIE at The Table Bay. We chose to try the Beef Shortrib and the service was super friendly & speedy, the portion very small in comparison to other competing restaurant stands but tasty.

This little plate was priced at 6 scoins or ZAR30 (again a little pricey compared to others) but yummy none the less.
We decided to wonder around and browse and came across a lovely local brand making their own take on the Traditional LIMONCELLO from Sorrento Italy ( if ever you get there , you must try the chocolates ...nom nom nom).
For more info email:

We ended our day with a quick stop at the Lindt stand and watch the LINDT Chef pouring some Lindt balls, definitely takes a steady hand.

NB. There are 5 new Lindt ball flavours in the country for Easter ....don't miss out!

Overall mumsy and I enjoyed our afternoon , however I would recommend that the organizers have far more shade and far more seating in future. The show was busy, and because there is so little seating my 65yr old mumsy had to sit on the grass ...not so cool.

Don't miss out next year , I know I won't. 
It was fun , yummy and boy... could I do with one of those yummy cocktails right now.

 Oh yes , I never did get to The Creamery , the queue's were too long (well done guys)

x x x H