In late February I was spoilt rotten by John Frieda SA when I received the most amazing hamper of hair goodies to help tame these lovely locks of mine.

Now first let me explain to you my dilemma...
  • I am naturally blonde (albeit a mousey, blegh blonde these days) which makes may hair naturally drier than other hair types  
  • I have naturally curly hair,  adding to the natural dryness of my hair and a tendency to frizz (yes, I am talking about this white gals fro' mincing ya'll ) BUT WAIT! 
  •  It get's better I have fine hair ... (yep can't add too much product on, without lookin like a greaseball)
So you can only imagine how impressed I was when John Frieda SA said 'no problem, we can help!'
So this is what 'SAVING GRACE' looks like for curly hair ...
Fragrance - is a clean smell soft and not overly feminine
Packaging - a fabulous flip top tube , easy to carry and hold in the shower
Texture - is a pearly white viscous liquid , foams to a rich lather
Efficacy - I love how this shampoo cleans without stripping and leaves my hair full of body

 I will be repurchasing this product again and again and again it!

Fragrance - is the same across the range
Packaging - also a fabulous flip top tube , love that the conditioner is easy to get out because of  the cap
Texture - is a thick white emulsion, spreads evenly and goes quite far
Efficacy - a great conditioner that does not weigh down the hair , but leaves it soft and manageable

I will be repurchasing this product again and again and again it!

Fragrance - is the same across the range
Packaging - is a tall plastic spray bottle with lilac cap , easy to hold and sprays a fine mist
Texture - a soft silky liquid , a little goes a long way - DO NOT BE TEMPTED TO OVERSPRAY
Efficacy - this product did not really work well for me, I found it caused my hair to loose it's structured curl?

This isn't a product I would purchase again.

FRIZZ-EASE HAIR SERUM (Extra Strength Formula)
Fragrance - is the same across the range
Packaging - upright pump dispenser (50ml) , pumps out small measured quantities
Texture - a thick viscous and transparent serum (similar to silicone serums) - DO NOT USE TOO MUCH
Efficacy - this is great for smoothing dry end and fly-aways, also perfect for defining curls

I would easily purchase this product again , a little goes a long way. You can also apply this both to either wet or dry hair which I found to be super useful for quick touch ups.

Overall I loved the range , my hair is soft, the curls are bouncy and structured (I wouldn't say frizz free though).

In the name of 'being fair' I took forever to review these products. Mainly due to the fact that I spent a month trying to repair my hair after I had highlights put in. My hair had been over-processed; leaving it damaged and unmanageable.

Hugs & Curls
x x x H

**This is not a sponsored post. I have been sent products for review purposes and the opinions on the featured supplier/brand is my own.