At some point in our adult lives all of us have been single , whether it has been for a substantial period of time, or just a brief moment is of little consequence point?

That moment when you are out, you realize you need to eat and duh duh duh 'you're alone'. It is never easy sitting at a restaurant alone, you may choose to hide behind a device of your choice these days, example an Ipad , a kindle or a mobile phone or just sit awkwardly pretending to observe the passers by.

The 'Urban Dictionary' describes being single as follows ...yeah I'll let you read this rather unique description for yourself  HERE

alternatively the more common definition being ...

'a single person is someone who is not in a relationship or is "unmarried". In common usage, the term single is often used to refer to someone who is not involved in any type of serious romantic relationship, including long-term dating, engagement, or marriage.' - Wikipedia

So just how do you enjoy the 'dining alone' experience? 

An entrepreneurial restaurant owner has launched a brand new eating concept in Amsterdam called 'Een Maal'. A restaurant that caters purely to the individual diners out there, offering you the 'single diner' an opportunity to relax in an environment where there is no form of discrimination, and/or pressure at being seated alone at a table.

This restaurant offers a fixed four-course menu including cocktails and wine at €35 (£29), not cheap by any means.

Anna Hart who originally wrote an article on this new concept, had the following personal perspective to share ....

New restaurant caters only for solo diners

'I admire Eenmaal's noble intention to destigmatise, or even to glamorise, solo dining. But part of the kick of dinner a une is being surrounded by couples on awkward dates, or families shouting over each other, and basking in my greed and solitude. Nothing makes me feel more smug, serene and spoilt than eating and drinking alone in a restaurant full of people forced to socially interact in between bites. That, and the zero risk of food envy, or that thing when you finally assemble the perfect flavour combination and fork it into your mouth just as your companion intently asks you some major question, so you have to wastefully gulp it down in quiet fury.

The only downside is that l feel a little guilty taking a table for two in a busy restaurant – even more so because I stick to wine by the glass. My dream setup is the communal table, or dining at the bar, and thankfully this kind of dining is popular in the capital right now. Can I tempt you to join me?'


An interesting concept indeed , what do you think?

Hugs and solo kisses
x x x H